Sanity: Aiken's Artifact Credits

Fox Interactive

ProducerGary Sheinwald
Associate ProducersErik Larson, Peter Cesario
Lead TestersArabian Nazel, Ryan Dowling
Fox TestersKen Anderson, Francis Choi, Joe Castellano, Glenn Dphrepaulezz, David Farkas, Kevin Huynh, Igor Krinitskiy, Roni Kwang, Cris Lee, Denise Pater, Gabriel Slater, Kyle Peschel, Jeff Tatman, Luke Thai, David Taylor, Tim Tran, Ellen Williams, Chris A. Wilson
Fox's Special ThanksAaron Blean, Victor Rodriguez, Robert Hayes, Shawn Markert, Angela Edwards-Emery, Priscilla Bourbonnais, Tim Hall, Brian Harvey, Rozita Tolouey, Dave Shaw, Jack Van Leer, Chris Miller, Mike Heuraf, Karly Young, Karen Mangon, Dave Boyd, David Wright, Jeff Roberts

Monolith Sanity Development Team

ProducerDerek Fialho
Provided Original Game Design ConceptAaron St. John
Lead Game DesignersKevin Lambert, Garrett Price
WritersKevin Lambert, Garrett Price
Lead Level DesignerNathan Hendrickson
Level DesignersMark Brown, Darren Korman, Daniel Thibadeau
Art Director - Concept TeamEric Kohler
Art LeadMatthew Allen
2D/3D Lead Talent ArtistIsrael Evans
2D Lead Texture ArtistGeoffrey Kaimmer
2D/3D Lead Character ArtistSeiko Kobayashi
2D/3D Character ArtistEdmon Carreon
2D/3D ArtistCurtis Salsman
2D ArtistGarrett Price
Lead Game EngineersToby Gladwell, Brad Pendleton
Game EngineersJohn LaCasse, Kevin Lambert, Mark Spadoni
Audio EngineerCassano Thruston
Audio DirectorJames Ackley
Music ComposerGuy Whitmore
Composer of Additional MusicErik Aho
Interactive Music ArrangerErik Aho, Guy Whitmore
QA LeadsBen Chamberlain, Joaquin Govus
Motion Capture EngineerSimon Wong
ManualKevin Lambert, Bob Givnin
Powered byLithTech

Additional Monolith/Lithtech Help Provided by

LithTech ManagerBryan Bouwman
Lead LithTech EngineerMike Dussault
LithTech EngineersRachael Blackman, Bryan Bouwman, Kevin Francis, Scott H. Pultz, Matthew Scott
Game EngineersBrian L. Goble, Peter Higley, Kevin Stephens
Level DesignersFran Stewart, Brennon Reid, Mike Reute, Jay Wilson
2D/3D ArtistAkika Tanaka
Tech SupportBob Givnin
QA TestersBob Givnin, Daniel Murdock

Special Thanks to Monolith Personnel

CEOJace Hall
CFOWayne Burns
PresidentGary Kussman
Director of DevelopmentChris Hewett
VP of Creative DevelopmentPaul Renault
Director of MarketingSamantha Ryan
Public RelationsPaul Butterfield, Daniel Miller
Graphic ArtistShane Thompson
Director of Human ResourcesPatti Pudinski
OperationsAndrea Barringer
Web DevelopmentSpencer Maiers
Information SystemsEric Minamoto, Jim Totaro, Kevin Bailey
ControllerSandra Watanabe
Motion Capture ActorIsrael Evans
Motion Capture ActressLisa Dixon
Special Thanks toAll the remaining Monolith personnel!


Voice Actors Ice-T (as Cain), Karen Cody, Erin Hart, Michael Shapiro, Larry Albert, Sharon Collar, Cathy Levin, David Skully, Ken Boynton, Kit Harris, Mike Madeoy
"Sanity" Title Track Ice-T (writing), Ernie Cunnigan (writing)

Third Party Software

Uses Miles Sound System. Copyright (c) 1991-2000 byRAD Game Tools Inc.
Uses Bink Video Technology. Copyright (c) 1994-2000 byRAD Game Tools Inc.
MPEG Layer-3 playback supplied with the Miles Sound System fromRAD Game Tools Inc.
MPEG-3 audio compression technology licensed byFraunhofer IIS and THOMPSON Multimedia
Special Thanks toGameSpy ( Multiplayer Technologies ProducerRoss Perez Networking TeamErik DeBonte, David Cain, Eric J. Harman, Mike Nicolino

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (34479) and Plix (199)