Schizm: Mysterious Journey (Windows)

Schizm: Mysterious Journey Screenshots

Windows version

There are many strange devices on the planet, but where are the inhabitants?
This is how the planet looks
The hero
Main menu
The game starts with this TV show
Can you tell me more about your journey?
Yes, sure... It all started when we were sitting in our space ship and peacefully watching the intro sequence of "Schizm: The Mysterious Journey"...
Arriving on the planet
Saving and loading games
Strange vegetation... then again, what is NOT strange on this planet?
Those benchs look familiar...
One of the means of transportation here
Travelling to the other part of the city
You can zoom on this thing...
...only in order to see this!
View from the upper floor
What is behind this door?
Playing as Sam
View from that balloon-platfrom
Strange watch
Whoever you are, get outta here!!
Through the long corridors...
This place is full of balloons!
I'm just trying to help you...