Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed Credits (Windows)

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Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed Credits

Awe Games

Executive ProducerJames M. Wheeler
Lead ProgrammerJamie Nye
Art DirectorScott Nixon
ProducerTrevor Talbird
Lead AnimatorMike Niedda
Lead ArtistChad Read
ArtistsChris Remy, Forrest Mulcahy
Additional ArtCraig Kelly, Rick Daniels, Devon Browne, Nick Schreiber, Gavin McNeal, Anthony Vitale
Additional ProgrammingKeith Verity
Quality AssuranceAaron Runion
Special ThanksLes Bird, Mark Bradshaw, Paul Denson, Robert Hume, Michael Dubose

Product Development

Executive Vice President - Worldwide StudiosJack Sorensen
Vice President - Product DevelopmentPhilip Holt
Director ‑ Project ManagementRichard Browne
Project CoordinatorColin Totman
Manager, Production ResourcesJenae Pash


Senior Vice President - Worldwide MarketingPeter Dille
Director, Global Brand ManagementJohn Ardell
Product Marketing ManagerKevin Hooper

Creative Services

Director, Creative ServicesHoward Liebeskind
Associate Creative Services ManagerMelissa Roth
Manual TextWilliam Maxwell
Packaging Layout and DesignBeeline Group

Media Relations

Director, Media RelationsLiz Pieri
Media Relations ManagerJennifer Campana

Quality Assurance

Lead TesterErika Fortner
TestersRichard Jones, Pechet Katin, David Price, R. J. Romero
QA TecehnicianMario Waibel
QA Database AdministratorJason Roberts
Director of Quality AssuranceMonica Vallejo

Voiceover Cast

VelmaLinda Cardellini
ShaggyMatthew Lillard
FredChris Cox
DaphneAdrienne Wilkinson (credited as Adriane Wilkinson)
ScoobyNeil Fanning
Evil Masked FigureScott McNeil
Black Knight Ghost, Doorbell, Miner 49er, Cotton Candy GlobRob Paulsen
HeatherAlicia Silverstone
V.O. Produced byVoiceWorks Productions Inc.
V.O. DirectorDouglas Carrigan
Recorded atAtlantis Group Recording
EngineerJohn Chominsky

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

ProducerHeidi Behrendt
Director of ProductionBrett Skogen
Marketing ManagerSusannah Payne Scott
Marketing CoordinatorDavid S. Cohen
SVP, Interactive EntertainmentJace Hall
VP, Interactive EntertainmentPhilippe Erwin
Director, Interactive EntertainmentScott Johnson
WBIE Special ThanksJason Ades, Wendy Bozzi, Eric Bram, Erika Callahan, Marielle Henault, Jesse Mesa, Louise McTighe, Catherine Trillo, Gary Sheinwald, Geraldine Wong
Very Special ThanksRaja Gosnell, Charles Roven, Richard Suckle, Kelley Smith-Wait, Joseph Barbera, Brent O'Connor, Alan Glazer, Matt Diezel, Kent Beyda, Wilt Henderson, Mark Franco, Peter Crosman, Laura Schultz, Rebecca Hill, Joan Bierman, Evan Speigel, Heather Dennis, Hillary Fine, Jonathan Goldman, Paul Ton, Vanessa Thiem, Soundelux

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