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Scorched Planet (Windows)

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PC Zone
Scorched Planet is a gameplayer's game and deserves to do well. It's not perfect - at times I felt lost in a sea of power-ups, and cycling through the inventory is sometimes problematic in the heat of battle. The Mutant Space sections, potentially a good idea, I found to be a bit of a waste of time, mainly due to the absurd difficulty levels and the fruitless blasting which rapidly became boring. But these are minor quibbles in the whole scheme of things. Overall, Scorched Planet is cool to handle and sexy by design. On a fast pc it's an intense and absorbing ride. Shut your eyes when the fmv pops up, concentrate only on the game, and you will have a good time.
Criterion deserves lots of kudos for Scorched Planet. It delivered on its promises and gave players more to accomplish in an action game than simply racking up the body count. This game is a must for anyone looking for a diversion from those carnage-fest action games. Better yet, it supports up to 8 players in two different types of match play - both of which are a blast. Even without this feature, Scorched Planet emerges as a mighty fine action game that is well worth a look.
Remember, the focus in this one is to save the humans, not solely yourself. If you lose that focus, you lose the mission. If you have a 3D accelerator, this game is pure eye candy and will scream even on the low-end system requirements. Do be warned, though: The controls can get frustrating and the levels do get more difficult. This game does require a little bit of multitasking in the old cortex. This is not a Terminal Velocity clone. As with the arcade games of the past, you might find yourself repeating missions to learn and memorize the correct strategy to take next time.
Computer Games Magazine
This game will inevitably be compared to many, many of the current games in the industry. One can name-drop the classic Defender, Descent, Monster Tank Madness, or even Stellar 7 (Anyone remember that one?) and be completely correct. Put simply, Scorched Planet is the essence of everything, and the clone of nothing. It's fresh, unique, fun, and an absolute must-have for any action fanatic.
Joystick (French)
Scorched Planet vous propose beaucoup d'action 3D et un peu de stratégie. Ne vous sentez surtout pas obligé d'accepter.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Scorched Planet is a decent game, I don’t think I would buy it but it’s one of those games that appeals to different people. I thought the game was a bit crude and actually had several problems with it’s controls – even crashed my sound drivers once for some reason. If you’re looking for a simple 3D game that requires a bit of strategy then I would recommend downloading the Scorched Planet demo and seeing how you like it.
Game Revolution
Jump into your Type 16 morphing vehicle and get ready for some fun. You can traverse the landscape either as a tank, or with the press of a button, an aircraft. You must use both vehicles for tactical reasons, but, you might want to use 'em just because they're a hell of a lot of fun to play with. When you first start playing, you'll notice the cool Full Motion Video intro sequence. It's not a revolution in FMV, but, it portrays the story well. Then you'll be forced in to the menu screen, which was poorly thought-out and drawn, creating unnecessary confusion. Once you first start up the game, an actor tells you about the mission. These actors just plain stink. Either the timing is off or their voices were dubbed. It's just plain annoying, you'll want to press escape quickly. The worst part about it is that there are only 3 actors. And they are used 18 times. However, the game graphics are awesome.
PC Player (Germany)
Das simple "Ich ballere alles ab, was mir in den Weg kommt"-Prinzip wurde geschickt mit strategischen Elementen verfeinert. Denn jeder einzelne Level kann nur mit der Hilfe der Bewohner erfolgreich gelöst werden. Auch das Wechselspiel zwischen dem schnellen Flieger und dem behäbigen, aber kräftigen Panzer erfordert kluges Taktieren. Gemischt mit den interessanten Extrawaffen vergißt man schnell die Handvoll Grafikfehler und den eher mäßigen Technosound. Doch gerade wenn Scorched Planet beginnt so richtig Spaß zu machen, wird man von einigen Designschnitzern wieder auf den Boden der Tatsachen geholt. So ist ein überlegtes Handeln mit Hilfe der Übersichtskarte kaum möglich, denn die Zeit läuft auch dort weiter. Außerdem verbringt man zu viel Zeit mit Treibstoffsammeln, was das interessante Spielprinzip zeitweise eher zum Frust denn zur Lust mutieren läßt.
PC Games (Germany)
Wieder einmal ein Spiel, das mit einem technisch perfekten Intro Erwartungen weckt, die dann nicht erfüllt werden. Grafisch hinkt Scorched Planet seinen Vorbildern meilenweit hinterher, und die unsaubere Steuerung mit ihrer abenteuerlichen Kollisionsabfrage sorgt fast pausenlos für Frusterlebnisse. Aus der Morph-Idee hätte man mehr machen können.
Power Play
Als Spieletester ist man über neue Einfälle normalerweise hocherfreut, aber hier drängt sich fast schon der Eindruck auf, die Criterion Studios wollten wohl nicht in den Ruf kommen, ‚nur“ ein Actionspiel zu machen und haben sich deshalb zwanghaft um frische Ideen bemüht. Was rauskommt, ist aber nur ein absoluter Feature-Overkill, den Spielspaß verlor man aus den Augen: Warum erscheinen die rettenden „Marker“ erst, wenn die Lager bereits angegriffen werden und es meist zu spät ist? Warum läßt man maximal fünf Passagiere in mein Flugzeug und zwingt mich so zu langwierig-stupiden Pendelorgien? Warum ist die Landschaft so gleichförmig und der Radar so unübersichtlich, daß man sich zwangsläufig ständig verfliegt? Und warum geht dem Flieger der Sprit so dermaßen schnell aus, daß ich dauernd auf den langsamen Fahrzeugmodus umschalten muß? Die Liste der Fragen ließe sich leicht noch fortsetzen, deshalb das Fazit: Viele interessante Ansätze, aber die Umsetzung ist letztlich mißlungen.
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
The strategic aspects of the game (including organizing and manipulating the population to help you), as well as decent graphics, keep SCORCHED PLANET from being a complete loss. It would be nicer, though, if Criterion had focused less on slick graphics and more on gameplay. SCORCHED PLANET is yet another shooter with too much flash and too little substance.