Written by  :  Chris Martin (1204)
Written on  :  Apr 24, 2006
Rating  :  3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars
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A great game - but only worth it if you have XP

The Good

What can I say about Scrabble that I haven't said before? Scrabble is the premier word game.

This version of game is good, and allows you to add words to the dictionary (helpful now that the 4th edition of the Scrabble Dictionary is out).

The Bad

The only downside to this version is that it released so you can playit on WinXP. The game is NO different from the previous "Red Case" release of the game. The "Red Case" version won't run on XP, so they released this new version so it can.

Multiplay is kinda redundant, considering the 3-4 different places you can play on the internet - WITHOUT having to buy the game in order to play.

Personally I think it was a money-grabbing effort from Hasbro in order to get money from people who like playing. They could have easily released an upgrade patch for the "Red Case" version.

The Bottom Line

Bottom Line - If you have WinXP (and by this time, who doesn't) it's a must buy. The Red Case version is great for other Operating Systems.

Buy this version if you don't own ANY other version of Scrabble. If you have "Red Case" version and are ok with it, stick with it.