Scratches (Director's Cut) Credits (Windows)

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Scratches (Director's Cut) Credits


Executive ProducerHoward Horowitz
ProducerAnnette Béchamp
Programming and Game DesignAgustín Cordes
Art and Scenery DesignAlejandro Graziani
Music and Special Sound EffectsCellar of Rats
CastJohn Bell, Jonathan Boakes, Sue Anderson, Daniel Chase, Dominic Brewer
"Scratches" Credits ThemeDaniel Cordes
Package DesignKaren E. Tobler (, Jeffrey S. Tobler (
Beta‑TestersEric Arevalo, Astrid Beulink, Scott Clark, Valerie Davis, Susan Eder, Eva Forsom, Len Green, Chris Hogg, Terje Kjensli, Santiago de Matos Lima, Eric McConnell, Stuart McFarlane, Dennis Molter, Michal Necasek, Panayotis Pantazis, Marisa Toma Guidolin
With Special Thanks ToRandy Sluganski
With Many Thanks ToJames Alexander, James Alexander, Francesco Ambrosetti, Reg Llama of Brixton, James Caddle, Matt Clark, Sherrie Ellem, Robin Ferreira, Lucio Fulci, Our Girlfriends, Roula Laina, H. P. Lovecraft, Alkis Polyrakis, Mayang's Textures

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