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Are you scared? Depeche Mike (17562) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Atmospheric, but clichéd and tedious plumifrons (98) 2.83 Stars2.83 Stars2.83 Stars2.83 Stars2.83 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.4
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.7
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.7
Overall User Score (30 votes) 3.6

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Adventurespiele (Feb 03, 2006)
Scratches ist ein Gruseladventure, dass den Namen wirklich verdient hat. Nicht umsonst ist die Altersfreigabe auf 16 Jahre eingestuft. Es bietet eine wirklich gruselige Atmosphäre, die sowohl durch die düstere Umgebung, als auch durch die Musik untermauert wird.
GameBoomers (Feb 27, 2006)
As you get to know the character of Michael, you have to allow yourself to think as he does -- as a mystery writer thinks. The clues are all there if you know where to look for them. This is a game whose story will cause you to think and ponder, similar to a good game of chess. Add an exquisite underscore, unnerving sound effects by Cellar of Rats, hauntingly lyrical pre-rendered backdrops by Alejandro Graziani, and reasonably logical puzzles that sneak up on you, and we have the makings of a true horror classic -- one to be cherished for years to come.
Overall, despite a few issues, Scratches is a fine game that every fan of the genre will likely enjoy. Seldom has a game thrilled me as much as Scratches, and I will be among the first in line to buy the sequel.
Just Adventure (Mar 29, 2006)
I only just recently pulled the blanket from over my head. This was a difficult feat, mind you, considering I was trying to cover my eyes and ears at the same time. Never mind the fact I was trying to reach the lamp switch with my foot . . . and the “Escape” key was nowhere to be found. What sort of sick, twisted minds would conceive of such a frighteningly delightful game in such a deceptively simple interface? Who would give a face to terrors that only linger in the deepest recesses of your late night, cold pizza induced nightmares? Who would have the gall to keep me awake when I should be doing other things . . . like SLEEPING?! Thank you Nucleosys . . . and here I thought I had cured my insomnia.
Absolute Games ( (Mar 21, 2006)
Приятно осознавать, что годы, потраченные на прилежное пестование троицей своего проекта, не пропали даром. Да еще как не пропали! Scratches пугает, натурально пугает, причем делает это с изяществом и жеманностью, присущими профессиональному творению. Она не жмется к стенке, боясь перегрузить игрока излишними подробностями, и ловко избегает подводных камней, выливаясь в итоге в первоклассный компьютерный ужастик. А мелкие графические недочеты, типа низкого разрешения и кое-где смазанных «задников», ничуть не мешают воспринимать представителя «old-school» всерьез. Жанр возрождается, с чем всех и поздравляю.
All in all, Scratches is a very well made Myst style horror adventure. It is cliched, but the mystery of things is fun to explore and the sound effects and mood of the house give it an edge that most modern horror games just don't deliver. I haven't felt as cautious and creeped out in a game since playing Fatal Frame 2. If you are a fan of the genre, it would be in your best interest to pick this up.
80 (Feb 15, 2006)
Mit Gore-Effekten bin ich nach dem Genuss unzähliger Horrorfilme kaum zu schocken, aber mit der verstörenden Situation in dem gottverlassenen Haus durchaus. Das funktioniert jedoch nur, wenn ihr daheim allein und im Dunkeln seid. Schon Shakespeare wusste, dass auch das finsterste Ambiente mal eine Aufhellung braucht. Scratches ist durchweg schwermütig, was auf Dauer schon aufs Gemüt schlägt. Dennoch treibt es euch immer wieder dazu, weiter zu spielen, um endlich hinter das grausige Geheimnis zu kommen. Auch wenn die Bedienung oft umständlich ist, die Rätsel letztlich nur Mittelmaß sind und die olle Grafik schlicht nicht mehr zeitgemäß. Die überragende Spukstimmung lässt die Kritikpunkte schnell wieder vergessen, so dass sich schon allein wegen ihr die Anschaffung lohnt.
Level (Apr, 2006)
Per ansamblu, Scratches este un adventure reușit, care le va aduce pasionaților aminte de clasicii genului, din punct de vedere al gameplay-ului. Jocul nu li adresează însă doar acestora, misterul ce înconjoară întreaga poveste fiind cel mai important aspect, care pe mine, ca outsider, m-a convins să-i dau o șansă. Surprinzător de bun.
80 (May, 2006)
Un bel gioco denso di atmosfere e di tensione che mantiene tutte le promesse di un divertente stress pur senza imporre enigmi e rompicapo.
GamerDad (Jun 20, 2007)
All of the discussions occur between adults and there is much talk about insanity and alcohol use. If you think that your kids are ready for R-rated horror, then they are ready for this, but if they are likely to get nightmares from having things pop out at them and seeing weird occult-ish items, keep them away.
80 (Jul 02, 2006)
Amateur de monstres gluants à massacrer, passez votre chemin : Scratches n’est pas le jeu d’aventure qu’il vous faut. De même, si vous êtes plutôt branché sur les jeux d’aventure à la Myst avec un soupçon de suspense, Scratches ne vous conviendra pas non plus. En revanche, les plus anciens se souviendront très probablement d’un jeu appelé Phantasmagoria. A cette époque, ce titre avait fait frémir des milliers de joueurs. Scratches va beaucoup plus loin et joue avec nos peurs les plus enfouies, avec un brio digne d’un livre de Lovecraft.
Worth Playing (Apr 13, 2006)
If it's action you want, Scratches is not for you. If it's over-the-top creatures you want, Scratches is not for you. If you hate subdued, carefully planned storytelling, Scratches is not for you. If you don't like H.P. Lovecraft-style horror stories, Scratches is absolutely not for you. If you enjoy Myst, H.P. Lovecraft, and beautiful game craftsmanship – or at least the first two – then Scratches is absolutely for you, on the order of "must buy." This game is brilliant, but it takes a very certain type of gamer to appreciate its brilliance. You have to be willing to look beyond its surface, let your enjoyment of action settle down to nothing, turn off the lights, and tune your environment a little.
Quandary (Mar, 2006)
When I previewed Scratches back in November last year I said that if the full game lived up to the hands-on preview then it would surely be something to look forward to. I can now report that the full game is every bit as good as the preview suggested, and the wait has, indeed, been worthwhile.
Spooky house, ancient secrets, brooding atmosphere, all wrapped around a puzzle core. And the developers had even built their own engine to run the thing. I had played the demo and, while I found it sparse, I thought it promised a well-done adventure game. So did Nucleosys deliver?
Adventure Gamers (Mar 08, 2006)
A new horror adventure has arrived in Scratches, and if the goal of its independent developer Nucleosys was to give gamers a chilling, eerie experience, I am pleased to say they most certainly succeeded.
On the whole, I thoroughly enjoyed Scratches. And yes, there were times when I almost jumped out of my chair, at some unexpected turn of events. If anything, it was a bit short; I found myself wishing for a bit more out of the game -- which is likely a good sign of its appeal for me. And while there were plenty of inventory puzzles, I could have done with a few more logic puzzles. I eagerly hope that we shall see more of the talents of the Nucleosys developers.
PC Powerplay (Feb, 2006)
Ich mag keine 3D-Adventures mit sterilen Hintergründen und Diashow-Animationen. Scratches habe ich trotzdem durchgespielt. Weil die Kombinationsrätsel klasse sind, und weil Story und Sound siegen, wo die Grafik versagt: beim Erzeugen einer spannenden Atmospähre. Falls Sie Krimi-Fan sind und schon Still Life mochten, sollten Sie sich Scratches nicht entgehen lassen.
Gamigo (Feb 10, 2006)
Scratches ist ein schönes und düsteres Point & Click Adventure das für Einsteiger und erfahrene Spieler geeignet ist. Die Stimmung wird gerade durch den Sound, die kleinen überall verstreuten Storyhäppchen und das viktorianische Gemäuer gut aufgebaut. Dadurch fallen auch die grafischen Schwächen nicht sehr ins Gewicht. Wer einfach mal wieder eine schönes Point & Click Adventure mit Gruselfaktor sucht ist hier gut aufgehoben.
Game Watcher (Dec 28, 2004)
Ooooo some things are creepy. Things that go bump in the night, unexplained rashes, and now, the game Scratches. Put simply, Scratches is a point and click adventure game that has you exploring an old mansion. You're a hot shot author who has gone and purchased an Blackwood Manor with the profits from your latest horror novel. Desperate for inspiration and ambiance, you go down to visit your latest real estate acquisition. This is where you discover that the maintenance on this property has been severely neglected, not only that, but this run down Victorian heap of wood holds more than its share of secrets.
IGN (Mar 06, 2006)
There have been books, movies, and psychologists before that tried to prove one central point: there is nothing to fear from the dark, because there is nothing in the dark that isn't there in the light. If you're not scared of it when you can see it and know what it is, why then should you be scared of it even if you can't see it?
Game Over Online (Mar 06, 2006)
And so, while Scratches has some good moments to it, it’s better as a vehicle for telling a story than as an adventure game, and so I’m only giving it a lukewarm recommendation. It’s creepy and it’s involving, but it has some annoying technical problems (the game must have locked up on me over a dozen times while I was playing it), the engine isn’t very sophisticated, and the puzzles are hit and miss. If you haven’t played Dark Fall yet, then I’d easily recommend that game instead. If you have played Dark Fall, then ask yourself how much you liked it. If you liked it a lot, then you’ll probably like Scratches as well, although it’s a lesser game.
"Scratches: La guarida del miedo" es una aventura gráfica de miedo e investigación que merece ser tenida en cuenta cuando nos apetezca jugar algún título de esta temática: sabe producir al jugador sensaciones de pavor y suspense como pocas aventuras han conseguido hasta la fecha, sirviéndose de una jugabilidad clásica pero que se adapta a las exigencias del guión como anillo al dedo al igual que su curva de dificultad.
GameZone (Mar 03, 2006)
First thing I have got to mention is this review is tailored to individuals that enjoy point-and-click adventure games. If you're wondering just what that means then I guess you're one of few people alive that has never played Myst or one of the several thousand games similar to Myst. If you need more specific information, then perform an Internet search on adventure games. For the rest of you still here, I know you're here for a reason. The itch that just can't be scratched has come back and you need another adventure game fix, don't you? SCRATCHES is sure to cure your itch, at least temporarily.
65 (Jun 16, 2006)
Scratches a tout du jeu d'aventure avec lequel on passe un agréable moment, mais qui manque d'envergure pour marquer véritablement les esprits. Certes, l'ambiance oppressante est bien rendue, mais ce qu'il nous reste c'est surtout l'impression de déjà vu aussi bien pour ce qui est du gameplay que pour l'histoire. Une progression linéaire très classique, un manoir mystérieux dans lequel d'étranges phénomènes ont lieu... On ne peut pas dire que les développeurs aient été très imaginatifs. Proposé à un prix très raisonnable, les amateurs du genre peuvent néanmoins se laisser tenter.
PC Games (Germany) (Feb 20, 2006)
In Scratches tobt ein innerer Kampf um den Spielspaß: Die gelungene Atmosphäre steht häufig in Konflikt mit Frusterlebnissen, die das undurchsichte Rätseldesign hervorruft. Sehr schade, denn so viele andere Kopfnüsse im Spiel sind durchaus logisch und nachvollziehbar aufgebaut! Hier verschenken die Entwickler eine Menge Potenzial, denn im Grunde genommen ist es enorm unterhaltsam und spannend, die Geheimnisse um das Haus zu lüften. Die lasche Grafik ist übrigens kein Grund zur Panik - das Spiel funktioniert auch so, obwohl das Ganze in einer 3D-Engine im Ego-Shooter-Format natürlich eine ganze Ecke toller gewesen wäre. Hoffentlich gibt es einen zweiten Teil, der neben besserer Optik auch ein etwas befriedigenderes Ende bietet - einige Fragen bleiben nämlich unbeantwortet. Kurzum: Ein feines Gruselstückchen, das bessere Rätsel verdient hätte.
PC Action (Mar 19, 2006)
Ein Detail zu übersehen reicht: Schon irrt man hoffnungslos durch die Schauplätze und verzweifelt, weil es nicht weitergeht - Rätseldesign aus der Hölle! Atmosphärisch ist Scratches aber stimmig: Story und Sound gehen im Zusammenspiel auf, nur die Grafik steht als hässliches Entlein leicht Abseits.
Aventura y Cía (Dec 08, 2006)
Mucho más ligero que Dark Fall y pesar del anacrónico pero funcional aspecto visual, Scratches se revela como el paradigma de los cuentos de fantasmas para ordenador, siendo hasta el momento algo así como el equivalente computerizado de un cuento de Shirley Jackson, Lovecraft o M.R. James, y esto en los tiempos que corren es algo de lo que Nucleosys debería enorgullecerse. Pero lo más importante que demuestra Scratches es el involuntario toque de atención a los desarrolladores profesionales: ya pueden éstos ponerse las pilas y despojarse de las telarañas que cubren su estancado sentido del género porque el movimiento independiente tarde o temprano acabará adelantándolos. Al menos en cuanto a crítica, algo que por desgracia muchos estudios y distribuidoras parecen no tener en cuenta.
Gamer 2.0 (Mar 05, 2006)
To be fair, it's possible that a spectacular conclusion could suppress the frustrations, but it would have to be a doozy indeed to lift Scratches from a mediocre adventure to a good one. It's got some nice touches, but in the end, it's too buggy, too cliched, and too uninteresting to come to the head of its class. Nucleosys delivered a title with plenty of promise, but can't live up to it. Only the most seasoned adventurers are likely to enjoy their time with Scratches.
Diehard GameFan (Apr 02, 2006)
The mess that Scratches turned out to be was saved by its graphics and gripping story. I can’t in good faith recommend the game, even though I really wanted to. There are far better spooky adventure games out there, ranging from the 7th Guest to MISSING. I strongly suggest picking up one of those instead. However, if you have patience and a computer that can somehow offset the errors in this game (or better yet Got Game releases a patch if it’s possible), you may be able to enjoy the aspect of this game that do deserve to be labeled with greatness.
GameStar (Germany) (Apr, 2006)
Der Schriftsteller Michael Arthate hat sich von seinem Freund Jerry ein morsches Herrenhaus aufschwatzen lassen, alt und düster; schnell dämmert ihm: Hier stimmt was nicht! Nachts dringen Kratzgeräusche aus dem Kamin, ein hohles Pochen schallt durch das menschenleere Haus. Vergilbte Zeitungen berichten von Mordgerüchten, aber die Leiche wurde nie gefunden; der frühere Bewohner des Hauses verschwand spurlos. In der Haut von Michael lernen Sie im düsteren Render-Adventure Scratches (englisch für »Kratzer«), wie schmal der Grat zwischen Story-Gruseln und Rätsel-Horror sein kann.
GameSpot (Mar 24, 2006)
In response to all the editorial ponderings through the years over why, exactly, the classic form of the graphical adventure has been all but completely neglected, we give you Scratches. While clever and innovative games like the Resident Evil series and Indigo Prophecy have put in great efforts to evolve adventure games into something more dynamic and engrossing, Scratches sits in the past, a modern relic of slow, exposition-heavy storytelling, ancient technology, and a series of purposely Byzantine puzzles.
With a replay value of nil, Scratches doesn't present much to brag about. This game would be considered - maybe 8 or 10 years ago (aside from the 5.1 sound of course). With not much to present in terms of gameplay, graphics, length or replay value, Scratches isn't top-notch. Unfortunately, I can't recommend this game to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Sorry Nucleosys.