Sea Dogs Credits (Windows)

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Sea Dogs Credits


Producer and DesignerDmitry Arkhipov
ProducerJoel Breton
Core ProgrammingDmitry Demianovsky
A.I. Graphic EngineNicolay Chirkov
A.I. and InterfaceIvan Scheblykin
Interface, Sound EngineVladimir Korotkov
Ship Physics and Animation, Engine-Based MoviesConstantine Bushuev
Town Scene, CharactersMikhail Afanasiev
Combat Scenes and BoardingMaxim Spirenkov
Sea PhysicsAndrey Shulzhenko
Character Models and AnimationsSergey Kapitsin
Town and Location ModelingAlexey Malnov
Character Texturing, MoviesPavel Sokolov
Ship Models and Textures, Character TexturingSvetlana Yablochkova
Island Modeling, Ship Modeling & TextureViktoria Kazarina
Ship Textures, Interface DisplayAlexey Kuharonok
InterfaceRoman Tzoi
2D ArtAndrey Maltzev
Scenario and Game DesignKonstantin Sapronenkov
Scenario, Game Design, and Subject ScriptsRenat Nezametdinov
Sound OperatorNicolay Saburov
Additional Game Design and WritingDaniel Greenberg, Paul W. Murphy, Bruce Nesmith, Ken Rolston, Todd Vaughn
Music ComposerYury Poteenko
OrchestraSymphonic Orchestra Russian Philharmony - Moscow - TV-6
ConductorA. A. Vedernikov
ChorusChamber Chorus of Moscow Conservatory
Chorus DirectorBoris Gevlin
ManualPete Hines, Konstantin Sapronenkov
Marketing / PRPete Hines
PublishingMoshe Milich, Lori Rehr
Testing CoordinatorMichelle Buenzli
TestersM. Scott Adams, Anahid Avakian, Rob Banes, Robert Beckner, Kirk Bezio, Phil Black, Chris Boucher, Jim Burdick, Mike Chepurin, Demian Clements, Paul Cocus, Rob Colavito, Andy Darrah, Steve Daulton, George Edmond, Bob Ferry, Dale Grant, Jeff Honnold, Brian Houser, George Edis III, Howard Knight, Erin Krull, Blake McAbee, Tim Orosz, Randy Raley, David Salang, Ted Salzman, Gary Terhune
Special Thanks ToPavel Grodek, Vir2l Studios, Todd Howard

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