The Search for Amelia Earhart Credits (Windows)

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The Search for Amelia Earhart Credits

Bamtang Games

Managing DirectorSol Samaniego
Creative DirectorAdam Johnston
Project ManagerJennifer Semeler
ProducerSteffani Ccahuaya
Lead ProgrammerLaurens Rodriguez
ProgrammingEdward Nancay, Josue Souza, Adonis Arana
Lead Game DesignerClaudio Sarmiento
Lead ArtistOscar Choquecota
ArtAaron Sotomayor, Christian Ramirez, Claudia Tejada, Fernando Olano, Ivan Olarte, Ivan Visalot, Jesus Vasquez, Jorge Cabellos, Juan Carlos Gutierrez, Luis Urquiza, Roger Galvan, Zuely Zavaleta
Sound DesignerLuis Solari
MusicCharles Loli
Special ThanksMauricio Rodriguez, Christian Noboa, Cristian Shute, Roberto Lopez, Martin Melendez, Josue Mendoza, Jaime Palomino, Jorge Gamarra, Luis Gonzales, Silvia Rivera
This game was developed usingPlayground SDK and incorporates portions of Playground SDK, © 2009 Playfirst, Inc.
Rapid and creative development of this game was facilitated byBamtang SwitPC technologies.

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