Advertising Blurbs

    'Search And Rescue 4' is the leading and most popular, and critically acclaimed, civilian helicopter flight simulation on the market. Its non-violent gameplay combined with a remarkable realism and flair for detail, not to mention the amazing new graphics scenery and interactive animated environment, makes this title unique in its field.

    As a US Coast Guard pilot you will be thrown right into dangerous rescue missions involving everything from stranded hikers and lost kids, to airplanes crashed at sea, leaking oil tankers, or even chemical factory explosions – you'll need a large set of cojones to get this job done!!

    What's new?

    During the development of SAR4 the main focus has been to improve the game physics as well as the graphics and this has been done with great success: the landscapes, the helicopters, the rescue crew and the victims - everything has been brought to life through better graphics and animation.

    The general gameplay has been made more interactive: the player will now play a part in the planning of a mission, and not just be the pilot performing the job. The interaction between the pilot and rescue crew will also play a bigger and more crucial part of the game.

    'Search And Rescue 4' is more than just a helicopter simulation!


  • 3 helicopters: BK-117, HH-65 Dolphin and CH-3 Sea King.
  • High-detail helicopter model.
  • 100 singleplayer missions.
  • 10 highly detailed flight areas.
  • All new and improved graphics engine, with dynamic lighting, and higher quality textures on objects and terrain.
  • 2 Flight modes: Easy and Realistic.
  • Command console interface lets you give orders to various crew members.
  • Campaign mission system: As your pilot progress in rank he/she will take on more challenging missions at new operations bases.
  • Fully animated Pilots, Rescue Workers and victims.
  • Real-time lighting shadow cast on objects and ground.
  • Volumetric particle system clouds.
  • Dynamic lighting and high quality textures.
  • Realistic weather and environment effects.
  • Layered sound effects.
  • Radio speech communication.
  • Movable spotlight for use during night missions

    Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Oct 05, 2004.