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Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis Credits

Animation Arts Creative GmbH, Fusionsphere Systems Ltd & Creatown

Project LeadMarco Zeugner
StoryMarco Zeugner
Engineering LeadMartin Mayer
ScriptingMartin Mayer, Stefan Metzger
Design LeadJörg Beilschmidt
Puzzles LeadJörg Beilschmidt
Dialogue LeadJörg Beilschmidt
PuzzlesKlaus Schnohr
DialoguesKlaus Schnohr
EngineeringStefan Metzger
Additional PuzzlesJan Schneider
Story ConsultingClaudia Kern
ArtOlga Antonenko, Christian Fisher, Stefan Hoffmann, Kiril Hristanow (www.digisteam.com), Malte Langkabel, Ricarda Thiel (www.illuvision.de), Tom Thiel (www.illuvision.de), Max Vetter
Cutscenes3Dgrafix, MBA Studios
Motion CapturingMetricminds
MusicDynamedion, Kofi Ansuhenne (www.kofinger.com)
Sound DesignDynamedion, Kofi Ansuhenne (www.kofinger.com)
Compatibility QAAbsolute Quality
Functionality TestingStudio Umlaut
Voice RecordingsLunatic Synchron
TestersFabian Dittberner, Dominik Jain, Michaela Pfundmair, Klaus Schnohr

Deep Silver

ProducerSteffen Schamberger
PRSusanna Mittermaier
MarketingMario Gerhold, Daniel Gaitzsch
MasteringDaniel Gaitzsch
Head ProductionChristian Moriz
Product ManagerMaik Stettner
Community ManagementDaniel Oberlerchner (Oberle)
LocalizationMichael K. Schmidt, Daniel Langer, Effective Media GmbH
QA ManagementMichael K. Schmidt, Daniel Langer
Localization TestingLinda Grosshennig, Mikael Cuinet, Isaac Parakhen, Synthesis International
Packaging, Manual & LabelWolfgraphics
Cover ArtworkIlluvision
Special ThanksAll volunteer testers, Mikael Cuinet, Daniel Gaitzsch, Len Green, Daniel Langer, Prachya Isaac Parakhen, Henning Schmid, Michael K. Schmidt, Susi Schinharl (Felix), Jörg Spormann

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sicarius (60983) and formercontrib (160022)