The Secrets of Atlantis: The Sacred Legacy Credits

Atlantis Interactive Entertainment

Project ManagerÉric Safar
Concept, Scenery, Script, Dialogues and AdaptationBruno Martin, Éric Safar, Stéphane Ressot
Lead ProgrammerUgo Robain
Additional ProgrammingCyrille Paulhiac
Artistic DirectionMartial Brard
Designs and StoryboardsAngel Bautista
Sound DesignerLaurent Frick
French Voices recorded atStudio Bande Annonce Production

Nobilis Publishing team

Managing DirectorArnaud Blacher
Production ManagerSébastien Brison
Publishing Manager Sr.Christine Pestel
Test CoordinatorNicolas Danière
Operation ManagerRégine Ribot
Publishing Manager Jr. Audrey Settelen
Assistant ProducerNicolas Muller

Nobilis Marketing team

Marketing ManagerHervé Perret
PR ManagerAgnès Rosique
PR AssistantFabrice Poirier
Product ManagerPamela Alarco

MZone Studio

DirectionMartial Brard, Philippe Grellier
3D Modeling and AnimationÉric Bellanger, Pierre Berger, Julien Brard, Martial Brard, Hervé Castaing, Aurélien Hupon, Christophe Leclerc, Franck Le Dorze, Juliette Pougettou
Additional DesignMartial Brard
MusicStéphane Brand

The Adventure Company - Production

Associate ProducersBryan Cook, Dan Dawang
Executive ProducerGeorge Chastain Jr.

The Adventure Company - Marketing

Global Product Marketing ManagerByron Gaum
Product ManagerChristos Andrikakis
Art DirectorJay Kinsella
Lead IllustratorRussell Challenger
Graphic DesignersEsther Sucre, Trang To
PR CoordinatorSuzanne MacGillivray
Director of Global MarketingLorraine Lue
Localization ManagerGennaro Giani

The Adventure Company - Quality Assurance

QA LeadBurt De Francesco
TestersAllison Skerl, Michael Ashe, Michael Geist, Stephen Sutton
QA ManagerDan Dawang
Legal AffairsLeslie Rosenthal

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76526) and kelmer44 (1475)