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SEGA Rally Revo (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

SEGA Rally Revo Credits

SRS Management

Studio DirectorGuy Wilday
Head Of TechnologyChris Southall

Design Team

Lead DesignerMark Mainey
DesignersPaul Coleman, Jon Georgious, Paul Lovell

Game Team

Lead ProgrammerEneko Bilbao
Game Engineering TeamKieren Bloomfield, Jason Callis, Barane Chan, Chris Davies, Andrew Fray, David Hosier, Roshen Kessopersadh, Neil Palframan, Graham Smith, Jan Stahlhacke, Lukasz Wilczynski, Richard Wilson

Core Technology

Core Technology ManagerAshley Thwaites
Lead Graphics EngineerIvan Nevraev
Engineering TeamPeter Blackburn, James Capstick, Simon Cooper, Andrew Hutching, Jasmine Langridge, Jamie Lowes, Mark Milton, John Payne, Malcolm Sparrow, Neil Topham, Andrew Wright, Gordon Yeoman

Art Team

Art DirectorRick Nath
Lead Environment ArtistRichard Tawn
Environment Art TeamJon Baker, Dave Butler, Simon Davies, Andy Debus, Simon Dew, Stephen Lovell, Lee Piper, Richard Priest, Simon Reed, Dan Rose, Joseph Stone, Darren Wakeman
Car Lead ArtistKeith Burden
Car Art TeamPhil Higgs, Sam Neale
Frontend ArtistDan Fernando


Senior Team LeadRichard Todd
Team LeadMark Gemmell
SRS QA TeamJames Booth, Pretpal Chagar, John Deery, Michael Elliot, Michael Hough, Nick Moores, Abdul Rokib

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Credits for this game were contributed by Peter Blackburn (32)