Written by  :  cosmo ruski (45)
Written on  :  Oct 27, 2011
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Arcade racing like in the good old days

The Good

  • Car driveability
  • Dynamic track deformation
  • Colorful graphics

The Bad

  • Can be frustrating and hard

The Bottom Line

Sega Rally Revo is often overlooked! Some say it is due to the lack of “modern” features like tuning, storyline, cool presentation and so on. But hey, it is a remake of an arcade classic, so who cares? I choose my car, paint, tire type and the race is on! No useless movies, commentators or other things that can distract you from RACING. And this is what the Game is all about – pure arcade racing.

The handling is too sensitive for the casual gamer – but once you get used to the “loose handling” like the developer explain in their diary, you're addicted to this cool style of driving. There is nothing better that to pass your opponent on the outside of a turn, on a snowy track with a single drift.

Although the Game isn't “realistic” - the car physics are very detailed. The suspension works like a charm, when you race on tarmac, mud or gravel. In other racing games the track is “flat” and skid marks are only painted on the texture – not so in Sega Rally Revo – here your car sinks in the gravel and after a lap you see the tracks from your car and your opponents. So the track gets deformed dynamicly. These are nor just a graphical gimmick, but effect the handling so your have to decide weather to drive the used ideal line or drive on the fresh part of the track.

The graphics are very colorful and the effects are great! Your car gets dirty when you drive in Mud, gets washed in puddles and so on. Pretty well made overall.

The difficulty is fairly high, as you need to race three races in a row. There are no modern features like rewind or other help – you have to learn the tracks and master the handling of your car – this can be frustrating, but when you master the steep learning curve, the racing is just pure fun. Yes it's hard, yes you have to concentrate while driving – but when you on the track it's almost meditative!

So the game was a commercial disaster, and the Sega Racing Studio was closed shortly after the release. I personally thank Guy Wilday and his team for making this wonderful, old school arcade racing game!