Sega Rally Revo Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Selecting stage
Some races are driven at least partly on tarmac.
Cars leave huge grooves to the mud.
Car gets dirty on muddy track
Safari Track 1
Alpine Track 1
Town in alpine track
Driving under the railroad track
Arctic Track 1
Two player split screen mode
Nice tropical country side
Tropical Track 3 startup
Racing a Lancia Stratos - note the tracks in the gravel/sand
Lancia Stratos fights with the muddy track - note the tracks of your & the AI car
Note the water physic in the grooves just under the car - nothing scripted, the water runs down the grooves as they are created by the cars
Racing on the ideal line - on the hidden lakeside track
classic arcade style - you start from the end of the grid
Nice View - this is the unlockable lakeside track - replay view
Racing the Toyota Celica and picking up some dust on the lakeside track - replay view
Racing the Toyota Celica on the lakeside track - replay view. Note how the car sinks in on the rear axle as you flatout from the courner
One of unlockable bonus cars
And another one. Can't be used in Championship mode