Sentient Credits

Visual Sciences

ProgrammingRussell Kay, Richard Swinfen, David Cowan, Stuart Capewell, Mark Green, Paul Hodge, Mathew Hendry, Christopher Harrison, Scott Neill
Additional ArtworkMark Ireland, Geoff Gunning, Gregor Maltman
Additional SoundBarrie Gunning, Debi Behr
ProducerRichard Biltcliffe


ProgrammingOli Wright, Tree, Craig Grounsell, Matthew Gabriel, Colin Burges
Also ContributedPaul Frewin, Sam Brown, John Gibson, Ralph Ferneyhough, Paul Tebbutt, John McMurray, Steve Davies, Beverley Bright, Alistair McNally, Geoff Clowes, Chris Brown, Jeremy Oldreive, Tracey Clarke, Christian Furr, Colin Dempsey, James Robinson
ArtLloyd Sutton, Paul Houlders, Carl Dalton, Murti A. Schofield, Paul Higgins
Music and EffectsRik Ede
ProductionJulian Hicks, G. P. Everett, Ian Metcalfe, Rob Nicholson
Chester StudioRon Harris, Dilys Rowlands
With Thanks ToSarah Harris, Dino, Rocky the Orange
Creative DesignWayne Parsons, Pompeii Studios
Product ManagerCraig Rechenmacher
PRMark Day
Manual & Packaging TextHuw Thomas, Ian Metcalfe
Manual & Packaging DesignPeter Dyke (Europe), Anthony Roberts (USA)
QA ManagerKevin Turner
QA Department AlphaPaul Tweedle, Anthony Cross, Dean Ashley
QA Department BetaDean Ashley, Robert Sutton, Craig Stevenson
MasterMarvin James, Edward Hay
LiverpoolIan Hetherington, Jonathan Ellis, Adrian Parr, Andrew Parsons, Dawn Hickman
Plus everyone in the company for their faith support and hard work - JGH

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Paul Tweedle, 49 other games
Kevin Turner, 36 other games
Chris Brown, 32 other games
Robert Sutton, 28 other games
Ralph Ferneyhough, 27 other games
Sam Brown, 24 other games
Russell Kay, 23 other games
Alistair McNally, 22 other games
John Gibson, 22 other games
Richard Biltcliffe, 20 other games
Anthony Roberts, 20 other games
Dean Ashley, 19 other games
Mark Day, 19 other games
Ian Hetherington, 19 other games
Ron Harris, 18 other games
David Cowan, 17 other games
Geoff Gunning, 16 other games
Sarah Harris, 16 other games
Stuart Capewell, 15 other games
Rob Nicholson, 15 other games
Huw Thomas, 15 other games
Paul Hodge, 15 other games
Andrew Parsons, 13 other games
Jeremy Oldreive, 13 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by BurningStickMan (18036)