Sentient Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Flying into the sun ... ?
Space Station Icarus
Your character, medic Garrett Sherova
Senator Aidin-Edgell on an inspection tour - one of the station's many concerns
A sudden solar flare makes a mess of your landing.
Escaping in time acts as a "crash course" to the game interface and mechanics.
You hallucinate throughout the story, often finding yourself in a peaceful hedge maze.
A mysterious woman waits for you inside the maze, each time offering a new "clue."
There's a balance between procedurally generated interaction and scripted events.
Panels like this one actually allow you to tinker with the station's systems.
Cumbersome, but extremely deep, conversation system - the heart of Sentient
Characters often talk and gossip when they cross paths.
Switching to a cursor mode highlights and allows interactions with objects around you.
A numerical code at every intersection defines rooms and your location in the station.