Sentinel: Descendants in Time Credits (Windows)

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Sentinel: Descendants in Time Credits


Leading designerRoland Pantoła
ProducerMaciej Miąsik
Story  and dialogsTerry Dowling (based on his short story The Dormeuse and the Ichneumon)
ProgrammersAndrzej Chomiak, Michał Myśliwiec, Tomasz Woźniak, Arkadiusz Sito
Level designersDanuta Sienkowska, Wiesław Budzik, Łukasz Pisarek, Robert Ożóg, Tomasz Kordas, Małgorzata Kida, Lucjan Więcek
Additional artMiroslaw Warchol
Character designArkadiusz Firlit
Concept artDanuta Sienkowska, Łukasz Pisarek, Joanna Orlow, Tomasz Mikrut
Visual special effectsMichał Myśliwiec
Game fontRay Larabie
Leading animatorPiotr Chomiak
AnimationsŁukasz Pisarek, Robert Ożóg, Wiesław Budzik
Cutscenes directorPawel Chyrowski
MusicDaniel Kleczyński
Sound designMaciej Miąsik

The Adventure Company

President and CEORichard Wah Kan
VPSean Carr
CFORoch Roustan
Managing Director (Europe)Olivier Pierre
Executive ProducerRobert Stevenson
ProducerRay Baun
Lead Product Marketing ManagerRenata Richardson
Product Manager (Europe)Lorraine Lue
Product Manager (France)Julien Levy
Product Manager (Germany)Christian Streil
Creative DirectorDesmond Oku
Graphics ManagementJames Meecham, Odile Mousseau (Europe)
Graphic Design and LayoutJames Meecham
PR CoordinatorTara Reed
PR Manager (France)Nicolas Swiatek
PR Assistant (Europe)Maryline Perrier
Audio recording services provided byFrame by Frame Sound Inc. Toronto
Recording EngineersOmie Craden, Sean Karp
Voice‑Over Director/CastingJohn Stocker, Ray Baun
Voices of Tamara and CarriePip Dwyer
Voices of Beni and DobaMark Staedler
Localization ProductionRay Baun, Christine Gervillié, Yann Tisseyre
QA ManagerMike Adams
QA LeadVasso T. Kontoulis
Testers (Functional)Dan Dawang, Chris Elliott, Anthony Finelli, Ryan Gavel, Chris Nesbitt, Adrian Miller, Mike Deveau, Benjamin Feuerstein, Daniel Torreblanca
Legal AffairsLeslie Rosenthal, Richard Kim, François Breuillier (Europe)
WebsiteBarry Lachapelle, Eric Connille (Europe)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (191708)