Serious Sam 3: BFE Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Good ol' Serious Sam.
The first enemy...
...And the first kill!
A Kleer :< My arch nemesis.....
At least now I can do this =D I'll call him... Yorick!
The game is delightfully gory, but if red blood ain't yo thang you could try...
...Making it green! If that's still too bloody, maybe you'll like...
Hippy mode!
The new NETRICSA interface, giving information about enemies you've faced prior and showing off their models.
Oh hey, guys! It just wouldn't be a Serious Sam game without you...
What the hell is that off in the distance!? D:
Oh noes, Yorick's family! Friggen Kleers...
A helicopter with tentacles. Oooookay.... moving on.
A Status Screen.
When in doubt... C4!
Single Player menu (Running at widescreen resolution).
Alone in the dark... But not for long, you'll soon have company.
Uh-oh... It's time to shoot, or run (or both).
That's one oversized spider.
Where's the janitor when you need him?
Sand Whale.
This chubby guy is hard to beat (unless you have the C-4 handy).
Now, this is a tough boss.
Blow up an enemy and all nearby ones will be affected too.
A futuristic hologram inside a pyramid
Overlooking Egyptian ruins with a sandwhale in the distance.
Boss fights at an epic style are a Serious Sam trademark.
Some easy enemies in a villa (survival map)
Sam is about to detonate some C4 (survival map).
Using the rocket launcher in a canyon (survival map).
3rd person view (press H to toggle)
Starting 2-player co-op (you can choose to split the screen horizontally or vertically)