Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Credits (Windows)

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Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Credits


Project LeaderDavor Hunski
Technical DirectorAlen Ladavac
Lead Game DesignerRoman Ribarić
Lead ProgrammerAlen Ladavac
Art DirectorDavor Hunski
Lead 3D ArtistAdmir Elezović
Lead Environment ArtistIvan Mika
Engine ProgrammersAlen Ladavac, Dean Sekulić, Darko Martinović, Davor Hunski, Goran Adrinek, Krešimir Kiš
Game ProgrammersGoran Adrinek, Davor Hunski, Alen Ladavac, Darko Martinović, Krešimir Kiš
Tools ProgrammersDarko Martinović, Davor Hunski, Alen Ladavac, Dean Sekulić, Goran Adrinek, Krešimir Kiš
Game DesignerDavor Hunski
Level DesignerDavor Tomičić, Davor Hunski
Playability DesignersRoman Ribarić, Davor Tomičić
'Karnak Playable Demo' DesignersRoman Ribarić, Alen Ladavac, Davor Hunski, Davor Tomičić
WriterAlen Ladavac
Environment ArtistsDamir Krajnovic, Davor Ladavac, Nikica Petrusic, Ivana Hunski, Helena Hunski
Character/Weapon ArtistsAdmir Elezović
Modeling ArtistsIvan Mika, Damir Krajnovic, Davor Ladavac, Ivana Hunski, Nikica Petrusic, Marko Cepin, Helena Hunski
Animation ArtistsAdmir Elezović, Marko Cepin
Visual Effects ArtistsDavor Hunski, Ivan Mika, Damir Krajnovic, Ivana Hunski, Nikica Petrusic
2D ArtistsDavor Hunski, Ivan Mika, Damir Krajnovic, Davor Ladavac, Nikica Petrusic, Nikolina Ribarić
Sound ArtistRoman Ribarić
Executive ProducerRoman Ribarić
ProducersDavor Hunski, Alen Ladavac
CEORoman Ribarić
Biz AssistNikolina Ribarić
Serious Sam Quote WinnerStephen Bouren ('Samicide!')
Beta TestersNathan Brown (D w K/Dk), Joey van Dalfsen, Atte Härkönen (Finzy), Igor Hrustic (BoltX), Tan Wang Leng (Yamgent), Christian Sander (Fragman), Maarten Staa (Serious Spoon), Lucijan Stamac, Sean Stellingwerff, Valerie Valens
Special ThanksRichard Gray (Levelord), Michael Harris, Jamie Leece, Old Man Murray, Kresimir Prcela, Vedran Škrnjug, Robert Westmoreland, Goran Zoricic
Serious ThanksJason Rodzik (Rodzilla), Maarten Staa (Serious Spoon), Gimli, John Turner (Louva-Deus)
In memoriamTargetFF [26.7.1948 - 13.5.2008]
The employees of Croteam would like to extend sincerest thanks toour families and friends for their support during the development of Serious Sam HD.


High‑Poly Character ArtStjepan Sejic
Serious Sam VoiceJohn J. Dick
Box ArtStjepan Sejic
Concept ArtStjepan Sejic
Additional ProgrammingJuraj Luic
Environment ArtAlen Cepin
Translation ManagerSophie Cristobal
TranslationsI.S.H. SRL, Evana Lahille
Serios Sam HD SupermercialBeef and Sage

Croteam - Original Game

ProgrammingAlen Ladavac, Davor Hunski, Dean Sekulić
Game DesignDavor Hunski, Davor Tomičić, Roman Ribarić
Level DesignDavor Tomičić, Davor Hunski, Dean Sekulić
3D ArtAdmir Elezović, Tomislav Pongrac
2D ArtDinko Pavicic, Petar Ivancek, Davor Hunski
MusicDamjan Mravunac
SoundDamjan Mravunac, Roman Ribarić
CEORoman Ribarić

Other - Original Game

Serious Sam Voice byJohn J. Dick (Booger)
Moral Boost byRichard Gray, Old Man Murray
am11lib library byNiklas Beisert
Additional Programming byDamir Perovic
Additional Moral Boost byMichael Harris, Matt McGill (Lutrosis), Korey Peters (Wussboy)
Additional Artwork byHrvoje Colic, Mladen Tripalo, Aleksandar Vjestica
Manual byWilliam Haskins

Devolver Digital

El PresidenteHarry A. Miller IV
Minister of DefenseMike Wilson
Executive ProducerTim Hesse
Man behind the curtainNigel Lowrie
NamelessGraeme Struthers

cdv Software Entertainment

CEOChristian Gloe
COOArne Peters
CEO of cdv USATom Gross
cdv UK Managing DirectorDavid Walker
Associate ProducerMichael Tata
cdv UK Marketing ManagerMatthew Walker
cdv USA Marketing ManagerSara Jenkins
cdv USA PR ManagerSara Jenkins
Production ManagerGary Turbide
Office ManagerBarbara Wendel
PRTed Brockwood (Calico Media)
Community ManagerBill Smeed (von Smeed)
Customer Support AssistantBill Smeed (von Smeed)
Junior Marketing AssistantMichael Davila
Graphic Designfactor[e] design initiative
Special ThanksThe cdv English-language forum moderators, Dave Taue (for his help at PAX'09), Mary Phuong (for her help at PAX'09), Claudina Lopez (Alienware), Maria Infante-Janani (Alienware), Michael Carducci (Turtle Beach), Mr. Bacon and Monsieur Tofu, And of course our friends and families.

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