Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Well, this looks familiar.
Care for a swim?
Boo yeah secret rocket launcher!
All you need is fuel.
Eat it.
He's just cranky today.
That's one damn good knife.
Bear hug!
Lookin' down the corpse.
NETRICSA message.
The city of the gods.
Let's get pyro!
Kleer flambe (and a Marsh Hopper as an appetizer).
Gone fishing.
Grenade 'em!
The land of ice and snow...
Hey, don't trip over there, raging bull.
Laser ice.
Beheaded Bomber vs. Coach Gun.
Burn with the rest.
Steel penetrates through lava with ease.
Let's see that Simo Häyhä dude do that.
Jump to your grave.
Hey, nice view.
Boom, for a lack of a better term.
Desperate times call for desperately serious measures.
Minigun to the apocalypse.
Um, guys?
Mordekai the Summoner.
Secret room
Watch out! Sirian Werebull!
Sniper rifle - almost useless, but fun
Minigun - stunning!
Total chaos
Burn, baby, burn
Heavy damage
Fury mode
Close combat