Serious Sam II Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Menu
Character model selection screen. You can pick a groovy guy with an afro hairstyle if you like.
The "serious" Elders of the Sirius Council. Seriously.(cut-scene)
Sam vs Fairy Land Evil Dragon (from a cut-scene).
Twin Magnums are cool, but you better use the cannons, Sam!
That's more like it!
A nice, big, shiny box o' health!
You can pick up crates a la Half-Life. Similarities end there.
Sam's twin Uzi philosophy...
The shotgun is delightfully powerful.
There are a few vehicles too. This resembles the pod racers from Star Wars.
Break the crates to obtain the goodies inside: armour and rockets in this case.
There is actually a simple riddle here...
This creature looks like the Wendigo from Quake. Blow it up with the rocket launcher!
Yes, you snipe mutant football players with explosive bombs at 100 paces...
The glorious return of the "Serious Bomb".
That's certainly a "Serious Spider".
What are you looking at?
Wanna have a banana?
Tropical fight.
That would make a nice pet.
Digital release of Serious Sam 2 (Steam) now has native controller support.
It also features native widescreen support and proper aspect ratio.