Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Netriksa - your information database
Chainsaw :)
Silent... VERY silent...
Serious Chainsaw Massacre
Funny monsters
So much for Sam...
Ah, a Secret Phone Booth(tm)
Look Ma, a kamikaze dude!
Suicide is not an option, you know... or maybe it is?
A raging bull
So much for Sam... Part II
Stunning and colorful level design abounds. Outdoors...
... and indoors (check out the polish on the floor)
The XOP flamethrower, one of your new weapons and a great way to deal with a horde of Kleer Skeletons.
Cucurbito, the chainsaw wielding pumpkin (and your new playmate).
Having trouble with that demon WAY over there...?
...that's why your 16mm Raptor sniper rifle has an 8X scope. Headshot!
Serious name, serious action, not so serious snowmen.
HUGE levels! The Ice Palace as seen from 2 miles away...
... and from the front gate (every inch between covered in the blood of Mental's forces).
The Fans are back... and horny!
This game's got it all, including humor...
...secret areas...
...and scary things INSIDE the secret areas (this toad's supposed to be smaller than my foot!)
Shooting some harpies in mid-air.
Huge enemy
Laser weapon and fire rain
Pre-Columbian corridors
I need the number of this interior decorator
A tomb-raiderish pool
East-European horror scene. Add Dracula and stir
Seriously hot down here
A monument of seriousness
A Persian-themed monument of seriousness
Tonight at dinner we got us some fried chicken... robots... crispy...
Listen I know this therapist for your anger management issues...
Assyrian beards... gotta get me one of those
How to blow (up) a tornado with a rocket launcher
Starry night, laser gun. Pick a fight, shoot them down. Seriously poetical game
IndianaJones-esqe trap
Horned demon (or "Zumb'ul")