Advertising Blurbs

Advertisement in PC Games, December 1999 (German):

    FUNK U


    Zieht Euch ganz warm an...

    Der Meilenstein im Bereich der Echtzeit-Strategie! 3D-Action mit 15 erbarmungslosen Söldnern mit spezifischen Fähigkeiten, einer großen Vielfalt an detailgetreuen Landschaften und Dutzenden nicht linearen Missionen.
    Die Herausforderung, auch im Multiplayer-Modus (bis zu 8 Spieler)!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66865) on Dec 15, 2004.

Back of Box:
    Imagine your worst nightmare. Now live it.

    Ethnic and political tensions flare, terrorism is rampant and third-world military dictators and corporations are willing to hire anyone that will fight for their cause. You work for "Granite", a private company that hires out mercenaries to execute these dirty deeds. Your nightmare begins when you find yourself en route to Africa for a contract job but find things haven't gone as planned. Your team has suffered massive casualties. As you and your squad retreat toward the extraction point you realize your worst fears have finally come true: you've been left for dead.

    Command and control a customized squad of up to 16 mercenaries with unique individual profiles.

    Execute 9 non-linear complex missions in any order you choose.

    Revolutionary A.I. for each character to ensure unique reactions to every situation you face.

    16 characters with a full range of actions including crawling, climbing, running and shooting and access to more than 30 types of weapons.

    Incredibly detailed 3D play areas with dynamic structures and environmental obstacles.

    Full arsenal of combat vehicles including boats, trucks, jeeps, snowmobiles and tanks.

    Multi-player mode - up to 8 players over a LAN, the internet and the UBI soft free game service.

    Will you sit quietly and be left for dead?

    Contributed by ClydeFrog (10547) on Nov 11, 2004.