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Shadow Company: Left for Dead Credits


Game DesignPaul Meegan
ProgrammingChris Cottrell, Jeff Kiel, Ken Klopp, Christopher Stoy
Graphics ProgrammingBryan Baldwin, David Knox, John Loehrlein, Scott Sprange, Craig Vance, Ron Wagner
SoundChristopher Roby
Additional DesignMike McCoy, Paul Potera
ProducerPaul Potera
MusicJeffrey Komar, Meticulous Chaos Productions
DocumentationMike McCoy, Paul Meegan, Paul Potera
Photos with kindly permission fromRIA Novosti ‑ London, The Bellona Foundation, Camera Press
PlaytestingMichael C. Chen, Jim Harler, Brian Holland, Marc Racine, Sam Stoy
Marketing / PRLeigh Cantrell, Lissa Williamson, Vince Matthews
Acting / VoiceoversBarry Bell, Peter Bolland, Michael Brocki, Bryce Johnson, Andrea Miralia, Jay Oberski, Kevin Poole,  Underwood, Jeffrey West, Gwen Yow, Stephen Schilling, Michelle Vazquez, Shiangtai Tuan, Paul Stephens, Raymond Henley Jr, Warren Marcus, Jennifer Hill, Leah Maris, Greg Hohn, Paschal Udom, Leonard Khiroug, Anita Burch, Clint Richards, Daniel Colon-Ramos, Melissa Cuales, Robb Shandroff, Mark Moormans, Chris Pavlou, James Sink, Mark Moormans, Timothy Buie, Christopher Roby
Special Thanks ToTim Allen, Jeremy Bowers, Tim Buie, Brett Denaldeo, David Hefner, Wesley Leonard, Stacy Nelson, James Cowgill, Larry Moormans, Franklin A. Crawford IV, Beau Norris, Denham Hardman, Tony Miranda, Charles Rice, Chris Gardner, Jean-Paul Berard, Carlin Gartrell, Jeffrey Vitous, Joe Anstett, Jim Pedicord, David G. Pastula, Aubrey Mason, Kevin Thomas, Paul Adkins, Terry Yingling, Richard Arnesen, Seth Pennebaker, Ed Lynch, Daniel Orr, Chris Peek, Sam Yoo, Gary Newcomb, Lance Eichman, Kent Coleman, Gino Costa, David Cobb, Dean Robb, Craig Bucklin, Sara Ley, Gordon Brown, DiAnne Carnes, Rich Harris, Christian Rekkedal, Peter Macdonald
German Version - Ubi Soft Entertainment GmbH Product ManagementKatja Struwe, Petra Wellen

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