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Shadow Force: Razor Unit (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Shadow Force: Razor Unit Credits

FUN Labs

Project ManagerCristian Gabriel Radu
Assistant Project ManagerCostin Barzon
Game DesignDan Dimitrescu
Lead ProgrammerDaniel Delion
ProgrammersCodrut Angelescu, Dragos Avramescu, Jean Arthur Deda, Catalin Negrila, Paul Onac, Octavian Onceanu, Alexandru Simion, Cristina Maria Simion, Cosmin Sulea
Lead ArtistTudor Popa
ArtistsCornel Cazan, Dragos Stanculescu
Lead AnimatorGeorge Batog
Characters & AnimationsCarmen Tanase, Mihai Preda
Lead Level DesignerPatrick Moraras
Level DesignersMihai Irimescu, Emil Anghel, Cosmin Hisu
Lead Sound Design & MusicIonut Deliu
Sound Design & MusicMihai Dumbraveanu
Special ThanksAdrian Ursu, Vitalie Cherpec, Stefanita Vilcu, Andrei Gavra, Stefan Radulescu, Bogdan Stanescu
Thanks to all our families, friends and lovers...Corina Alma Maria, Alexandra, Nicole, Mariza, Adina, Inout, Petra, Livia, Oochie, Eta, Muni, Claus, Teodor & Gheorghe, Viorica & Valer, Filip Daniel, Irina, Grivitza001 Team, Roxi, TRS, Loth Channel, Roxana, Adi Buzan, Moni, Mirela, Cavorka, Midia & Gigi

Activision Value

President of Activision ValueDanny Hammett
Senior Vice President of OperationsChad Koehler
Vice President of StudiosPatrick J. Kelly
Vice President, SalesDavid Oxford
Vice President of Creative and MarketingMark Meadows
ProducerBrian Kingsley
Assistant ProducerSean Dunnigan
Quality Assurance LeadAllen Weeks
QA Team LeadsEmmett McCarthy
QA TeamChris Owen, Chris Knox, John Cowden, Jason Lembcke, Josh Miedema, Nicole Bement, Brian Kirkvold
CompatibilityNeil Barizo
Special ThanksMary Reinitz, Keri Gross, David Oxford, Robbin Livernois, Ann Beggs, Tim Flaherty, Don Borchers, John Goodale, Trevor Harveaux, Sean James Homer, Andy Koehler, Mitch Norton, Terry Desanctis, Brian Johnson, Mike Groshens, Gary Lodge, Patrick Horan, Brynja Bjarnason

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69501)