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Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops (Windows)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops Credits

Development (Black Lion Studios)

DirectorJörg Martin Schwiezer
Development DirectorTobias Höfle
Financial DirectorDennis Bruenig
Lead ProgrammingDarius Krzykowski
ProgrammingHelge Ramundt, Johannes Willen
3D DesignPhillip Lehnard, Thomas Boehmelt, Martin Franke
ArtPhillip Lehnard, Thomas Boehmelt, Martin Franke
ScriptingPhillip Lehnard, Thomas Boehmelt, Ansgar Frattner
AnimationMartin Franke
GUI DevelopmentJörg Martin Schwiezer
AuthoringJörg Martin Schwiezer
Sound DesignJörg Martin Schwiezer
Additional 3D DesignTobias Höfle
Additional ProgrammingTobias Höfle, Marco Nowara
Additional AnimationTobias Höfle
Additional ScriptingDennis Bruenig
Website DevelopmentGeorge Adler
Additional ArtGeorge Adler
3D Art and DesignIgloo Digital Arts Ltd., Intulo Game Art and Design GmbH, Rocketbox Studios GmbH
Chief Executive Officer (Igloo Digital Arts Ltd.)Ash Colclough
Chief Creative Officer (Igloo Digital Arts Ltd.)Glyn Williams
Chief Executive Officer (Intulo Game Art and Design GmbH)Thomas Kronenberg
Chief Executive Officer (Rocketbox Studios GmbH)Markus Wojcik
Music/SoundtrackDynamedion GmbH
Chief Executive Officer (Dynamedion Gmb)Pierre Gerwig Langer
Account Management (Dynamedion GmbH)Martin Berger
Voice RecordingsRain Productions GBR
Chief Executive Officer (Rain Productions GBR)Arkadius Raschka
Voice Directors (Rain Productions GBR)Andy Valvur, Jörg Martin Schwiezer
Voice TalentsMarc Rossman (as Aron Alvarez), Jill Holwerda (as Myra Lee), Tom Zahner (as Victor Spencer), Peter Gilbert Cotton (as Gabriel Lawson; as Mercenary #3), Gennadi Vengerov (as Juri Vlatkonov), James Allan (as Karim Kimosein), Don Jordan (as Cerberus), Casey Pruett (as Mercenary #1), Andy Valvur (as Mercenary #2)
Account Manager (Rain Productions GBR)Tristan Lehmann
A&R ManagementBitcomposer Games GmbH
Bitcomposer Games GmbHWolfgang Duhr, Oliver Neupert
Additional Motion CapturingMetricminds GmbH
Chief Executive Officer (Metricminds GmbH)Philip Weiss
Special Thanks go out toJohanna Kleinhoff, Heike Meier, Renate Höfle, Katharina Schilling, Lisa Schüler, Felix Schüler, Felix Binder, Jürgen Reimann, Daniel Di Stefano, Sarah Dangendorf, Henri Dangendorf, Red Bull, Anton Ravin, ...and to all our families

North American Credits (Viva Media)

Executive DirectorEve Seber
MarketingTony Costa
SalesTony Costa
U.S. Package DesignAnne Marie Burkel, Dirk Schulz
Viva Media Core TeamShukai Ro, Joaquin Liguas, Beatrice LaBarge, Aron Szekely, Andrew Emond, Randy Bresil, Nicole Adam, Pia Voelker
Special Thanks toJörg Martin Schwiezer

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