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Shadow Man (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

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Our Users Say

Category Description MobyScore
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.5
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.7
Overall MobyScore (17 votes) 3.6

The Press Says

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That’s right. Shadow Man has got to be the spookiest game I’ve ever played, and the point is worth noting for at least two reasons. One, ‘tis the season; Halloween is right around the corner, and if you’ve tired of the lame costume soirees and the obligatory movie marathons every cable channel broadcasts on All Souls’, then pick up Shadow Man and lose sleep for weeks. Two, it’s a testament to Acclaim’s potential that they have produced an entertainment in which every aspect of the gaming environment—from the story to the gameplay to the graphics to the sound—is so superb that it, like the voodoo mask fused to Mike’s ribcage, grafts itself to a player’s subconscious and renders certain waking moments—hearing unfamiliar noises, noticing flickering shadows—horrifying.
Shadow Man est en définitive un super jeu. Son ambiance à vous décoller les cheveux, alliée à sa réalisation splendide devrait vous faire passer des heures angoissantes. Proche d'un Tomb Raider pour l'interface et le style, il le surpasse de loin au niveau scénario et graphisme. Et je me répète, quelle ambiance !
PC Games (Germany)
ShadowMan bietet gewissermaßen die perfekte Mixtur aus den actionreichen Kämpfen eines Heretic 2 (mit dem es auch in puncto Atmospähre zu vergleichen ist) und der Rätseldichte von Tomb Raider 3. Auch die geschickt in den Spielfluß eingearbeiteten Jump&Run-Einlagen erinnern ein wenig an die Abenteuer der Lara Croft, sind aber sehr viel kurzweiliger gestaltet und bei weitem nicht so ausufernd. Den Schlußpunkt der Vergleichsliste bildet das leider in jeder Hinsicht deutlich schlechtere Asghan von Ubi Soft.
Computer Games Magazine
Acclaim believes that the next frontier in gameplay will be integration and manipulation of the gamer's emotion. Shadow Man is an example of how it can be done successfully. Shadow Man is graphically rich and emotionally binding. Top it off with an excellent storyline and superb gameplay and you have a game that you must experience to truly appreciate.
Power Unlimited
Shadow Man zal de fans van Soul Reaver absoluut aanspreken. De combinatie van ratelende guns en mystieke voodoospreuken in de twee totaal verschillende werelden met hun 25 sinistere, donkere levels, zorgen er voor dat je binnen de kortste keren volledig in de ban bent van dit spel. De ban van de Voodooaaaahhhhh!
PC Player (Germany)
Die Levels sind faszinierend ineinander verzahnt und teilweise schon fast zu offen. Meine Motivation schnellt ohne Ende an, wenn ich nach einer etwas längeren Suche ein neues Portal mit neuen Überraschungen entdecke. Und dann die Grafik: Solche Lichteffekte und Texturen wie auf den Krokodilen und Hunden habe ich selten gesehen. Wenn Sie nur einen Funken Interesse an ungewöhnlichen Geschichten und Action-Adventures im speziellen haben, ist Shadow Man Ihr Ding.
Game Over Online
The whole game is presented very well. As the story unfolds throughout the game, it is intriguing and interesting enough to keep you hooked. I found myself wanting to keep playing to figure out the next part of the adventure. As you progress, you feel as though you are accomplishing something with each new object you find, or area you discover. The path was not always as straightforward as I would have liked, but I managed. You are the lone Shadowman and you have your work cut out for you.
Pro: Spannend dank toller Soundkulisse und düsteren Grafiken. Selbst Profis dürften mehr als 60, 70 Stunden beschäftigt sein.
Contra: In den großen Level geht die Orientierung manchmal flöten, außerdem nerven lange Etappen mit den ewig gleichen Gegnern.
Fazit: Der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist anspruchsvoll und fair, könnte Einsteiger aber anfangs abschrecken. Wer sein Zimmer verdunkeln kann und relativ schalldichte Wände besitzt, hat keine Entschuldigung, SchadowMan nicht zu spielen. Mein Kandidat für das atmosphärischste Spiel des Jahres.
Absolute Games (
ShadowMan оказался на удивление приличной игрой, которая может смело претендовать на любовь игроков. Великолепный мрачный сюжет, очень хорошая графика, захватывающий игровой процесс — что еще нужно для счастья? Пожалуй, лишь новые интересные игры, которые, можно не сомневаться, скоро появятся. Ведь разработчики знают, что нас много и имя нам — Легион.
Svenska PC Gamer
Det kunde ha blivit riktigt bra, men Iguana valde att krångla till det, och får nu skörda den bittra frukten. Vi får hoppas att spelet iallafall inbringar tillräckligt mycket pengar för att kunna göra ett nytt försök.
PC Gameplay (Benelux)
Tengevolge van enkel vervelende minpunten kan Shadowman zich niet de status van toptitel aanmeten. Niettemin zullen liefhebbers van Heretic II di geen multiplayer mogelijkheden eisen, zich best kunnen vermaken met Shadowman, zoals ook ik dat heb gedaan. Geniet dus alvast maar van de tijd die je nog rest in deze dimensie. Onderwijl kan dit spel nog van pas komen om je voor te bereiden op de gruwelen die je in het hiernamaals te wachten staan...
Game Over Online
Overall, Shadowman is a very good game that will keep even the hardcore gamer occupied for awhile. Shadowman has everything needed to be a quality game of the year. The graphic quality is top-notch, sound is great, and storyline is intriguing. Shadowman is most definitely worth a try if you want a good game to occupy your time.
Spel för Alla
Shadowman hittar en egen stil och förenar bra karaktärer med exotiska och snygga miljöer.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
From a gameplay perspective, Shadow Man is an enjoyable experience, if not a little commonplace. Wrapped up inside the rich voodoo themes is a standard 3D platformer that eschews puzzles and focuses our sights on the action. What lifts this title above the ordinary, though, is well-written dialogue with strong literary sensibilities, a character-based narrative that engages people on an emotional level, and an engine slathered in disturbing sounds and images. In terms of action titles, this is inarguably Acclaim's best, and I hope they continue to develop and sharpen the concept in future offerings.
PC Zone
So, then... yes, we enjoyed Shadow Man, and shall continue to enjoy it after filing this review, hence the fact that it's earned a PC ZONE Recommended award. It's a robust 3D platform game with some excellent visuals, its own unique atmosphere, and peculiarly compelling action. Don't expect a complex adventure or an epoch-shattering, processor-bending, pioneering epic. It's a platform game, plain and simple, and takes a bit of getting into. But once you're in, it's worth it.
Shadow Man is scary, dense, and full of surprises -- but like a lot of huge projects, is overwhelmed by its own size. Between all the action and exploration is a lot of hoofing and hair-pulling, and though it by no means crushes the game, it does keep the game from its full potential. Instead of leaving you wanting more, in a sense the designers have given you too much. The exciting moments make the game worth playing though, and with some helpful hints the adventure is large enough to give you some entertainment for more hours than I'd like to think about. Shadow Man's adventures in Deadside may not be a completely new concept in terms of gameplay, but its fun, twisted, and definitely worth the visit.
GameStar (Germany)
Die Abenteuer von Mike LeRoi sind dank des gruseligen Szenarios sehr spannend. Der dichte Levelaufbau läßt kaum Langeweile aufkommen - Geschicklichkeitseinlagen, Gegner und Mini-Rätsel sind genau richtig plaziert. Schade nur, daß die Schußwechsel so wenig Abwechslung biete: Die Gegner stürmen entweder in Kamikaze-Manier auf mich ein oder beharken mich aus sicherem Abstand. Lediglich die Zwischengegner sind fordernd. Doch leider steht auch dann noch die verkorkste Steuerung im Weg. Gleichzeitig ausweichen, zielen und schießen ist kaum zu schaffen. Ansonsten kann ich Acclaim lediglich Innovationsarmt vorwerfen. Hüpfen, ballern, Schalter drücken - alles schon mal dagewesen. Trotzdem ist Shadow Man ein überaus solides Action-Adventure, das ich Genre-Freunden wie Einsteigern ans Herz legen kann.
Game Revolution
Shadowman's gothic, artsy flavor is certainly refreshing, but underneath all the English Lit, the actual gameplay isn't all that innovative. While it isn't new, the familiar elements of an exploration game are done well. To the uninitiated, Shadowman can get tiresome quickly due to loss of interest in the plot. For those willing to keep searching the realm of Deadside, however, you'll find a long, above-average game worth taking the time to explore.
Just Games Retro
To understand the genesis of Shadow Man, you must first understand why Acclaim suddenly became so interested in comics. Shadowman was a title of Valiant Comics, that Acclaim pretty much bought up to convert into a video game - same trick they pulled with Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. Why? Not sure; part of wanting to branch out "Acclaim Entertainment," I suppose. Mind you this was the game and the time for which they made the monetary offer if you'd agree to a Shadow Man advertisement on your tombstone. I think it's fair to say they were desperate. Now the Vailiant version was doing pretty well, even got Frank Miller involved, but very little of it was used as the basis for the game. If you're expecting a Shadowman (there's a difference apparently; the comic title is one word) videogame, you'll probably be disappointed, as the two seem to have only voodoo in common. That doesn't mean that the game's unique plot is a throwaway.
70 (UK)
Shadow Man could have been a great game, but the awkward controls and constant backtracking makes it very frustrating at times. It's also a little disappointing that the game looks virtually identical to the Nintendo 64 version. On the bright side the game is massive, very atmospheric, and strangely addictive. It should keep you busy for a week or two at least, and if you've got the patience it's well worth a dabble.
Overall, I was not impressed with Shadow Man. I feel like the designers at Acclaim took the idea for Tomb Raider and twisted it enough to call it their own. People who enjoy this kind of gaming platform will really get into Shadow Man, because the running, jumping, climbing and solving puzzles are all wrapped up in one nice package. I do have to emphasize that it really bugged me that there was no mapping ability in this game. With all the walls having the same texture and color scheme, you will find yourself getting lost early on, and Acclaim didn't seem too worried about this when I brought up the subject.
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
SHADOWMAN is a good start, both for Acclaim and for the industry. It shows that a decent game can be made from a comic license. For third-person action fans who don’t mind jumping and gunning a lot, it’s a reasonable buy. Let’s hope that Acclaim uses this as a springboard for some really good comic-book based projects.
Well, Shadow Man certainly isn't a bad game, but it really failed to live up to our expectations. I would recommend it for people who are really into the whole dual world / land of dead area, and dark storylines. Unfortunately, they also have to be extremely persistent gamers, because the quest of Shadow Man is a long and often frustratingly slow-paced one. It has a lot of high points, especially sound, but when it comes down to it, nothing quite makes up for the slow and repetitive gameplay.
It seems silly to malign a game about the undead by calling it lifeless, but that's exactly Shadow Man's problem. Although not incompetent technically, it is poorly paced and ultimately not involving in any significant way. The developers have promised seventy hours of gameplay, and while this reviewer won't argue with that - Shadow Man is indeed a long, long game - that's no guarantee you'll get seventy hours of enjoyment.
Just Adventure
What begins as an almost awe-inspiring experience soon disintegrates into a tedious, mind-numbing experience on the order of Nightmare Creatures. Wave after wave of what are supposed to be fear-inducing and nauseating creatures spawn and respawn relentlessly in a ruthless attempt to keep the Shadow Man from reaching the next of 16 levels (I have an uneasy feeling that this is the type of game that brainwashes teenagers into believing that killing sprees are harmless fun). Never fear, though, you can return to any level you have previously visited via the help of a tattered teddy bear. That's right, a tattered teddy bear--a totem that links the Shadow Man to his lost loved ones (apparently, Acclaim is trying to capture the Beanie Baby crowd). You will have to revisit previous levels as Dark Souls and Cadeux must be collected to continue onward, or downward, as the case may be.