Shadow Ops: Red Mercury Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Intro cut-scene introducing our hero Frank Hayden.
Getting dropped off in Syria.
Meet your team mates. Since this isn't a tactical shooter, you won't have any control over them. Is that smoke coming from that Black Hawk?
I think you came a bit too close to this side friend...Normally the AI is pretty intelligent.
Taking aim at enemies surrounding a building.
I got him but not before he got me, hence the red screen.
I was right, Black Hawk down.
This door is blocking your way. It must be blown up with a charge.
The door blowing up. You don't place the explosives, all you have to do is activate them.
Zooming in for a kill. Better shoot quickly.
An explosion goes off behind this enemy who snuck up on you from above.
Staring down the barrel of a gun.
I hope no one tries to retrieve their laundry right now.
Battle on the bridge
This guy does a Luke Skywalker when I shoot him. Enemies often place themselves in positions of peril.
Almost off the bridge, that barrel on the left explodes if you shoot it.
He's rubbing his eyes because he got extinguisher fumes on them. Either that or he was on that computer for way too long.
We never do really get to go up there.
An intense fight in Russia
Running around James Bond style in this lab. You have to get to the lowest levels.
Use the crane to open your path. Of course you don't actually get to control it, rather the game goes into a quick cut-scene.
Taking the cargo lift.
Chaos reigns over this small town.
Taking control of a machine gun as your partner tries to unlock a door.
Back in Syria
A rocket is on its way.
Loading another rocket to fight an armored car.
The levels are often quite beautiful and have a feeling of being larger then what you see.
At the subway platform in Paris
A terrorist takes aim while you aim at him.
Not the safest place to be.
In Parisien alleys
Fighting on the rooftops. If I had this view I'd have patio furniture up there.
An enemy takes the plunge.
Getting down off the rooftops.
Back at street level. Get to the Eiffel tower.
Atop Eiffel
I'm being hunted up here by a chopper.
Machine guns are useless, I need to get rockets...