Shank 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Selecting a level (campaign mode)
Configuring my loadout
Intro movie for the first level
This game takes the cartoon feeling very "seriously".
The domino effect aka throwing people
Being an alcoholic is good for your health (well, in this game..)
Shielded enemies are harder to take down
Some badguys drop useful weapons, like this baseball bat
Using littered explosives to my advantage
Shank can swing on those skulls
Counter attacks are a very effective (and brutal) means to get rid of foes.
Shank can also climb ladders and hang on beams.
Hmm, this situation might require some tactical approach...
Death screen
Start of 2nd level
I've got pistols now!
Ah, those gas canisters.. always conveniently placed.
They're getting bigger...
Blood and gore galore!
Freeing hostages
Boom, once again
Looks like I'm in trouble...
That dude looks kinda pissed...
Later in the campaign, you get to play another character named Corina
Her fighting style is slightly different, sometimes making it easier to score long combos
Fighting one of the bosses
Drinking Shank
Little knife duel
End is short and brutal
Razor - first boss
Time to fight