Shark! Hunting the Great White Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Looking at your prey in the 'Sharkopedia.' This is the only time you'll see sharks and humans co-existing harmoniously in this game.
Mission selection
Loadout. You will gain better equipment as you progress through the game.
Exploring ancient ruins
The shark demonstrates its manoeuvrability.
It's coming closer!
If you get desperate, you can always switch to your knife. No need to attack this little fella, though.
Czech games developer, SCS Software, have hired a plane to advertise their wares along the Californian coastline.
Someone lost a car.
Squid! Not a giant one though, sadly.
The stuff of nightmares. A shark, grinning in the dark. In the foreground, a severed head.
Man's best friend - the dolphin.
The successful end of a mission
The sharks won this round. The chewed flipper is evidence of that.
Each mission has a secret hidden somewhere around it. Find it and you'll be rewarded with new gear.
Exploring the innards of a sunken ship...
...and the colonnades of a ruined temple.
Your boat. Go back here to re-equip.
One of the smaller sharks, but still pretty scary.
A turtle