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Shatter Credits (Windows)

ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Shatter Credits

Original Concept

Original ConceptAndy Satterthwaite

PC Version Development Team

Executive ProducerAndy Satterthwaite
Associate ProducerIan Gillespie
Lead ArtistCorie Geerders
Lead ProgrammerAlexander Nikitin
ProgrammersAntony Blackett, Glen Corby, Robert Green
Game DesignAntony Blackett, James Everett
Level DesignDaizong Gong
Sound DesignJeramiah Ross (Module)
Sound EffectsJeramiah Ross (Module)
Original Soundtrack Composed and Performed byJeramiah Ross (Module)
Soundtrack Mixed and Mastered atSTL Audio [Wellington], Troy Kelly, Jeramiah Ross

Sidhe QA

QA LeadHadley Bellam
Senior QADwayne Kirkwood
Quality AssuranceLuke Percy, Simon Westenra

Support Team

QA ManagerStephen Woodward
User Experience ExpertGareth Griffiths
IT SupportElliot Gardner
Systems AdministratorNicholas Scott


Translations LeadDorit Hahn
TranslatorsAnne Fontaine, Mariana Lazzaro Salazar, Sibilla Paparatti

With thanks to

With Thanks toJim Simmons

Special thanks to the other members of the original Shatter team

With Thanks toDan Adams, Dan Allsop, Owen Angell, Fiona Barnes, Mark Barrett, Alan Bell, Jonathan Brown, Jeremy Burgess, Robert Cannell, Michael Cosner, Mike Clephane, Mark Cuthbert, Mark Davis, Jeromé Dolman, James Ellis, Shannon Feldwick, Cameron Hart, Erik Haugvaldstad, E'van Johnston, Ivan Khmel, Tobias Köppen, Jeremy Lai, Brad Lincoln, Juliann Lum, Dan Mathers, Rory McCarthy, Lyubov Miteva, Reagan Morris, Ari Panzer, Dale Pugh, Nathan Rattray, Keir Rice, Christian Schladetsch, Stuart Sharpe, Skyler Simmons, Daniel Smart, Oliver Sneyd, George Stanko (Jiri), Craig Timpany, Hayden Turnbull, Matt Weir, Duncan Withers

Sidhe Management

Managing DirectorMario Wynands
Technical DirectorTyrone McAuley
Creative DirectorStuart Middleton
Art DirectorPeter Freer
Chief Financial OfficerLance Burgess
Business Development ExecutiveJos Ruffell
Marketing & Communications ManagementSean Kauppinen
Human Resources ManagerBrett Ross
Legal CounselDavid S. Rosenbaum
Strategic AdvisorBob Wallace

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (393328)