Shatter Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Loading screen
Starting the first wave of the first world
Power-ups can alter the ball; this one will break through about anything without resistance.
Some levels have a different view, closer to the traditional Breakout.
Pushing back the bricks with force
Attacking the first world's boss with a shard storm
Bonus level
Total score for completing the first world
Use the Pull force to draw the blue fragments towards the paddle.
Aim for the explosive ones
A massive hit on a level boss
Be quick to destroy the source as they will keep cloning themselves
Rotating blocks
One of the background images
A boss explodes
Just one ball, you can launch more.
The red triangles act as rockets.
This level boss drops balls that knock the paddle off the screen.
Double fragments power-up
A new wave is announced.
The backgrounds get more complex
Level bosses eventually require much more strategy.
Xenon is the boss of the last but one world.
A difficult wave in the last world