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Sheep (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

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Category Description MobyScore
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Overall MobyScore (17 votes) 3.7

The Press Says

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"Stupid sheeps from outer space" in völlig verrücktem Leveldesign das Erbe der Lemminge ist gefunden. Nur das bewährte Schäfchen-Zählen zum Einschlafen hat nach diesem Game leider ausgedient wegen Lachattacken. Für zwischendurch sehr zu empfehlen!
PC Gamer Brasil
Parece um sonho, você quer dormir e começa a contar "ovelhinhas", mas é a mais pura realidade. Estamos passando por sérios problemas, nossas ovelhas, simplesmente, estão à solta correndo por perigosos labirintos. Sheep é o único game lançado, ultimamente, que conta com rebanhos de ovelhas como personagens protagonistas. Umas coisinhas bonitinhas e fofinhas que, com certeza, dão muito trabalho aos seus pastores.
Sheep is the kind of fun, quirky puzzle game that doesn’t come along often. Fun and addictive, this one will keep you playing for hours. It’s been a long time since I’ve found a puzzle game I enjoyed as much as Lemmings, but Empire has a winner here. So grab your Shepherd’s crook, boot up, and get ready to herd -- the Sheep are waiting.

GameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
Sheep is al bij al een zeer smakelijk en origineel spel dat je vele uren plezier zal opleveren en dat in het niet zo populaire puzzelgenre zeker een absolute hoogvlieger kan worden.
Gamer's Pulse
So what has Sheep got going for it in the end? Firstly, it's an extremely original game. Never before has the player been able to assume the unlikely role of a heroic shepherd (at least as far as I know of). Secondly, the simple gameplay is easy to get into, but tough to master, practically insuring addiction. Finally, it's backed by some decent graphics and sound, with no technical problems. In the end, this puzzler will leave many gamers challenged for quite some time, and is probably worth the investment for puzzle fans.
PC Player (Germany)
Ehrlich, das Spiel ist so knuddelig, dass Sie einfach lieben müssen. Oder hassen. Aber selbst dann könnten Sie noch Ihren Schabernack treiben, weil sich die Schafe ja auch in Millionen heimtückische Fallen locken lassen - ich kenne da zum Beispiel eine nette Dame von Empire, die das mit Begeisterung tut. Allerdings mag die Steuerung dem einen oder anderen den Spaß verderben: Ich persönlich komme zwar ganz gut zurecht, aber ein schneller Rundumtest in der Redaktion zeigte, dass einige Mitbürger doch so ihre Probleme mit Richtung und Dosierung haben. Na ja, mir egal - ich finde immer den schnellsten Weg zur Hammelkeule!
All Game Guide
Overall, Sheep is an impressive package, not only in that it delivers a highly addictive and well-executed game, but also because the premise is simple, well thought out and executed flawlessly. Many puzzle games have a way of entrapping its audience, but Sheep has a way of luring, trapping and enslaving its players.
Absolute Games (
Тешу себя надеждой, что из вышенаписанного вам понятно — речь идет о необычной (что редко в наше время), красочной (что приятно), аркадной (это кому как) игре. Не нужно напрягать свой мозг — необходимы только хорошая мышка, чистый коврик и ловкость рук. Однообразность аркадной сути удачно разбавляется как антуражем уровней, так и юмористическими видеовставками, достойными роликов из Z. Любите необычные аркады? Recommended by SLY.
Computer Games Magazine
The control issue is a relatively minor problem that doesn't detract (much) from the overall game experience. While Sheep isn't a good choice for the die-hard fragger on your shopping list, puzzle fans, Monty Python lovers, bad punsters, and anyone with fond memories of Lemmings will find hours of challenging fun within this appealingly ridiculous game.
Sheep is a becoming and fun game. It can irritate you when trying to solve the same level 20-30 times in a row, but the funny little sheep are always there to give you a good laugh and make you think harder about saving that flock.
Power Unlimited
Sheep is een even frustrerende als verslavende puzzelgame. Hou je van dit soort games dan moet je deze zeker een keer gecheckt hebben.
PC Joker
Rundum empfehlenswert ist hingegen das unterhaltsame Treiben an sich: Ist der Beschützerinstinkt erst geweckt, wird man nicht eher ruhen, bis die herzzerreißend blökenden Schmusetierchen im Schweße des Angesichts ins Happy End gehetzt sind. Die tierischste Actionknobelei seit dem Klassiker Lemmings!
Game Informer Magazine
heep is a great game for 15-minute stints. Your goal is to herd sheep, who tend to cluster together in a flock and move away from you whenever you get close. Unfortunately, around just about every bend lies certain death for your bewilderingly stupid charges in the forms of electrified objects, and a host of crushing and cutting hazards. You can pick up some items along the way like a boombox that causes your flock to follow, rather than run from you, or a piece of candy that draws their attention. Overall, I found the game to be fairly entertaining, but the process of actually herding the ship by chasing them down can be a frustrating form of control at times. Of course, that’s the inherent challenge to the game, but it can be aggravating nonetheless. I’m sure this game will find its niche with Worms and Lemmings, but it’s not really quite up to par with these games. At best Sheep makes for a pleasant, if brief, diversion.
Sheep propose en fin de compte de s'amuser sans se prendre au sérieux en présentant un scénario à peine croyable tant il paraît ridicule, des personnages absolument stupides et un principe de jeu qui aurait pu paraître très largement dispensable. L'ensemble devient alors un délice tant ce soft est rempli de bonne humeur et d'humour. On parvient rapidement à se prendre au jeu et à vouloir très vite passer au niveau suivant. Trop vite peut-être...
GameStar (Germany)
Empire beweist mit der spritzigen Schafhatz, dass Reaktionstests immer noch Laune machen. Neben einer Prise Knobelei verlangt Sheep vor allem eine sichere Hand, um angesichts der aberwitzigen Gemeinheiten die Ruhe zu bewahren. Wiederholtes Scheitern tut der Motivation keinen Abbruch; auf jeden Wutanfall Marke »Keyboards Tod« folgt garantiert der sofortige »Diesmal schaff ich’s!«-Neustart. Schade, dass die Steuerung die Präzisionsarbeit erschwert. Mit der Maus ist’s zu schwammig, auf der Tastatur lässt sich das Lauftempo nur umständlich regeln. Sehr lang ist das Spielvergnügen zudem nicht; engagierte Spieler haben nach einem Wochenende alle Schäfchen ins Trockene gebracht. Wer seine Fingerfertigkeit trainieren will, ist dennoch gut bedient.
PC Games (Germany)
Bei Sheep müssen Sie tapfer sein, die Zähne zusammenbeißen und dabei leise vor sich hinmurmeln: "Es ist nur ein Spiel". Selten hat mich ein Kurzweil-Spielchcen derart gepackt, wobei ich stets zwischen Nervenzusammenbruch und Begeisterungssturm hin und her schwankte.
70 (UK)
Sheep is certainly one of the most .. unusual games of recent years, and while the actual shepherding is rather repetitive, there is usually enough going on to keep you interested and amused. The constant changes in scenery and obstacles also help to lift the tedium of endlessly chasing sheep around brighly coloured mazes, and while the game is best handled in small doses it is addictive enough to keep you coming back for more. If you're looking for something completely different, Sheep is well worth a look. Silly but fun.
Game Informer Magazine
Sheep is a funny concept that’s interesting for about half an hour. Then suddenly you start getting a sadistic satisfaction by seeing the sheep you’re herding run headlong into a threshing machine.
Gameplay (Benelux)
Leuk tussendoortje misschien voor sommige gamers maar de meesten zullen dit niet interessant vinden.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Sheep has some really neat design ideas — with a potential far greater than Lemmings — but in their execution they have largely fallen flat. The type of gamer who will be most attracted to the adorable, non-violent gameplay will in all likelihood be mostly unable to progress very far through the worlds without throwing something at the computer screen. Those who love strategy or puzzle offerings because of the ability to do some sophisticated problem solving will be turned off by the rigid time limits and the repetitiveness and lack of depth in the dilemmas presented. I cannot help, though, finding a lot about Sheep that I really like despite its failings, including the sometimes brilliant hazards and the constantly appealing design of the environments. Nonetheless, despite this product’s rather long gestation, one can only hope that this sheep will not be cloned without some significant genetic improvement.
Ok, now in all seriousness. This game is pretty decent if you have ten minutes you want to kill. It's not something you'll drop your very life to play. In fact, you might not even play it after the first 10 minutes. Treat it a bit like Life-Savers bowling. You don't play it all the time, in fact most of you have never even heard of it. But when you have that chunk of time you don't know how to waste, you waste it there. I had some good fun wasting time and seeing the little fluff balls get stomped, flattened and charred. Then the game gets boring, as the gameplay is rather tiresome. The game isn't as challenging as most cute puzzle games. After the first level you already know what you are going to be doing through the rest of the game. The only redeeming factor being that the sheep look really swooby.
Sheep part d'une bonne idée, inspirée de la série Lemmings : mener un troupeau de moutons au bout de niveaux bourrés de pièges et obstacles plus drôles les uns que les autres. Rapidement, hélas, l'intérêt de jeu - essentiellement basé sur la cocasserie des situations et les animations et graphismes délirants - s'émousse, notamment à cause de niveaux à l'architecture trop confuse. Passé le plaisir inavouable de faire des méchouis à grande échelle, on se lasse rapidement, même si la première heure de jeu nous fait bêler de plaisir.