The Ship Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Poison syringe title menu
Letter knife title menu
Main title menu
Starting a new game.
A new round has started.
Getting money.
Stylin' Changing clothes=quick disguise.
Talking to a crew member.
Adding items to my inventory.
Identifying another player.
Characters need sleep (and have strange dreams).
Other needs must be met, too.
The fire axe is the game's go-to weapon: common on every ship & kills in one whack.
Kill too many people, you'll get depressed and lonely.
You can trap your quarry in a sauna or freezer for an unconventional murder.
Never knew what hit him!
Act up in a guarded area and you'll get thrown in the brig.
The sickbay nurse is ubiquitous and mildly creepy.
Raifucu Maru is a small boat, so most of the action takes place in the lagoon resort where it's docked.
Don't disturb my friend...he's dead tired.
The onboard psychiatrist is a fine example of the game's stylized character design.