The Shivah Credits (Windows)

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The Shivah Credits


Written byDavid L. Gilbert
Original Music Composed byVelislav Ivanov
Deluxe Music Composed byPeter Gresser
Backgrounds byTom Scary
Talking Portraits byShane Stevens
Character DesignShane Stevens
AnimationsShane Stevens
Coding byDavid L. Gilbert
Beta TestersJuan Ignacio, Steve McCrea, Andrew MacCormack, Nina Morgenstern, Till Weingärtner, Pablo Aussiesoft, JuuL
VoiceoversAbe Goldfarb (Rabbi Russell Stone), David L. Gilbert (Cantor Josh), Kim Lee (Mrs. Raimer), Francisco Gonzalez (Detective Sam Durkin), Ruth Weber (Rajshree Lauder), Joe Rodriguez (Rabbi Amos Zelig), John Swist (Joe DeMarco)
Special Thanks toThe Quickthinking crew, Jared Newman, Kim Lee, Andrew Krucoff, Sande Chen, Klaus Schlichter, Abe Goldfarb, Shane Stevens, Tom Scary, Mom and Dad, Matthew Hawkins, The AGS Community, Coffee [lots of it]

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