The Shivah Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu (alternate version)
Introduction sequence inside the synagogue
The map used to travel to different locations.
Your business card
Rabbi Stone's room
Detective Durking comes by to interrogate.
One of the few items in your inventory: a list with some Yiddish words.
The mailbox on your computer
Reading your emails
Browsing some transactions for clues.
A conversation with the Lauder widow. The clues screen is shown at the top of the screen.
A long list of dialogue responses
Checking Jack Lauder's office
Inside a much better-looking synagogue
A conversation with Rabbi Amos Zelig
Taking the subway
You are not very welcome here.
Showdown in the subway
Inside Zelig's apartment
Upon finishing the game you can listen to voice actor bloopers