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Shogo: Mobile Armor Division (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Shogo: Mobile Armor Division Credits

Monolith Credits

Game Designer and Lead Level DesignerCraig Hubbard
Lead Game EngineerKevin Stephens
Lead LithTech EngineerMike Dussault
LithTech Sound System and Tools EngineerBrad Pendleton
Lead Texture Artist and DesignerC. Wes Saulsberry III
Level and Game DesignerNathan Hendrickson
Lead 3D AnimatorMatthew Allen
Game EngineerBill Brooks
ProducerJohn L. Jack
Level DesignerTodd Clineschmidt
Mecha Designer and Texture ArtistSteve C. Lee
LithTech EngineerScott H. Pultz
Texture ArtistBen Olsen
Lead Audio DesignerJames Ackley
Weapon and Character Designs byEric Kohler
Audio ComposerGuy Whitmore, Daniel Bernstein
Audio TechnicianCassano Thruston
Additional LithTech and Shogo Engineering byBrian L. Goble, Bryan Bouwman, Scott Schlegel, Jeremy Blackman, J. T. Traub
Additional 3D AnimationAaron Rose, Rick Winter, Peter Arisman, Brian Waite
Additional Level DesignMark Brown, Darren Korman
Additional Texture ArtworkJordan Minkove
QA ManagerJonathan Stein
The Test CrewJordan Minkove, Benny Kee, Isaac Marshall, Kelly Kristek, Ryan Mattson, Collin Moore, Monolith
Mocap TechniciansSimon Wong, Bill Cass
Mocap ActorsIsrael Evans, Greg Spyrides, Christopher Liu II
The Hype MachineJenni Gant, Joel Reiff, Paul Butterfield, Spencer Maiers, Camille Ball, Adam Ketola, Jason Hall, Shane Thompson, Samantha Ryan
The IS Team...they keep us workingJim Totaro, Eric Minamoto, Dan Erickson
The Admin Crew...they keep the lights onGary Kussman, Patti Pudinski, Lynn Rott, Andrea Barringer, Wayne Burns, Sandra Watanabe
Voice TalentSean G. Griffin, Ted D'Arms, Kari McGee, Kathy Levin, Mike Madeoy, Akika Tanaka, Lynn Rott

Shogo Opening Theme Song: Negai (Wish)

MusicYohei Takashima
LyricsMiho Nemoto
Arrangement byYohei Takashima, Nobuyuki Nakatani
Produced byYohei Takashima
Mixed bySatoru Arai
Recorded atGateway Studio, Booska Studio
VocalMiho Nemoto
Guitar & InstrumentsYohei Takashima
ProgrammingNobuyuki Nakatani
CoordinationHarumi Hasumi (Takarajimasha)
Executive ProducerMakoto Sekigawa (Takarajimasha)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Roedie (5225) and reepete (3)