Shogo: Mobile Armor Division Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Kathryn, your contact on the ship
Mission briefing during loading
Cover Hank
Taking out the thugs
The age old video game combination of sex and violence. Praise freedom of expression and pass the ammo
Hank chatting to you in the Mech
You call that a knife? Now THIS is a knife!
Blood splatter
Big robots, big guns. Life is good.
Taking your mech for a drive
Now that is a really big gun
I am the Angel of Death! Or at least a really crazy guy in power armor.
Your nemesis... one angry, angry gal
A gal in a 30 foot mecha vs. a guy with a squeaky toy. In anime, this is Tuesday.
Now, that wasn't so tough was it?
Kura doesn't respond well to the news you've been dating her sister
A battle in the History of War Museum
Sanjuro's climatic duel with Gabriel and the Cothineal
Even as you defeat Gabriel, Shogo Inc. shows up to give you a really bad day
Mutiny aboard the Leviathan
Final battle with Ryo Ishikawa
Sanjuro and Ryo have one last shootout on foot