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Main menu
The story begins (intro).
Frank Harris, the main hero of the game (intro)
Californa isn't part of the USA any more. (intro)
The target of all your missions. (intro)
Frank Harris ready to move in full armor. (intro)
One of many loading screens in which a narrator explains who's who.
Your base materializes out of the ground.
Enemy infantry protects the first outpost.
Capturing an outpost.
The builder materializes a new building.
The main goal of every mission: the enemy HQ
All units are grouped in squads.
The mech-lift comes to life.
We stumbled upon a special mission.
These cameras watch the whole battlefield and sometimes print (fictional) advertisments in the air.
Turtle rock - a still very unknown tourist attraction
A group of my mechs waits for the their next orders.
There are often underground labs on the map.
You need to hack the terminal to deactivate the force field.
Lou Baxter himself comments on the situation on the battlefield.
The enemy headquarters are gone and dematerilize back into the ground.
A quick overview of your accomplishments
The detailed statistics for the last battle