Shrek 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Intro - the beginning of the Shrek story
Intro - getting the lowdown on power-ups.
There is an occasional pile of breakable crates.
Roy the save fairy introduces himself :)
The potion vending machine
Collect all the Wanted posters for access to bonus levels.
Shrek faces off against some wheel-stealing bandits.
Donkey has his own bandit encounter.
These swinging logs can smash Donkey into a pile of fur.
Cherry-bomb throwing trees.
It doesn't take much to fool Donkey!
Don't stand between Shrek and the giant pumpkin!
"Green is good, red is bad": these giant mushrooms change color sporadically; Shrek can only jump on them when they are green.
Puss himself, in Italian leather