Shrek: Swamp Fun with Phonics Credits (Windows)

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Early Childhood
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Shrek: Swamp Fun with Phonics Credits

Activision Value

PresidentDanny Hammett
Senior Vice President of OperationsChad Koehler
Vice President of StudiosPatrick J. Kelly
Vice President SalesDavid Oxford
Vice President of Creative and MarketingMark Meadows
ProducerNicole Bement
MIS AssistantBob Viau
Quality Assurance ManagerChris Arends
Quality AssuranceJohn Cowden, Donna Johnston, Chris Knox, Jason Lembcke, Emmett McCarthy, Chad Schilling, Kristoffer Young
CompatibilityNeil Barizo, Jason Kim
IT SupportJosh Miedema


Executive ProducerVincent J. Bitetti
Executive Producer in Charge of ProductionSteve Ryno
Senior ProducerTim Goodlett
ProducerJeremy Rosenthal
Product Development CoordinatorAdeline Petros
PresidentShin Tanabe
Chief Operation OfficerShin Tanabe
Chief Financial OfficerMartin Paravato
Vice President International Business AffairsEugene Code
Vice President Global MarketingStefan Serwe
Vice President SalesMichael Devine
Vice President OperationsLorena Billig
Brand ManagerAndrea Frechette

ImageBuilder Software

Executive ProducerSally Marlino
Senior ProducerShauna Gonzales
Creative DirectorShannon Keegan
Lead EngineerRoger Bonzer
EngineerRob Bonzer
ArtistSteven Louie, Karen Morgan, Tom Webb
AnimatorThomas Reardon
Media CoordinationRoger Bonzer, Doug Harvey, Todd Macy, Scott Pulver
Sound DesignAndre Temkin
Level DesignTodd Macy, Dwayne Towell
Quality AssuranceShauna Gonzales

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (179515)