Shutter Island Credits

Paramount Digital Entertainment

SVP, GamesJohn Kavanagh
VP, Interactive ProductionHarry Lang
VP, InteractiveLuke Letizia
VP, MarketingIvo Gerscovich
Manager, Interactive ProductionDaniel Felts
Special Thanks toRon Sufrin, Mark Lieblein, Robert Pfau, Claire Davon, Jacqui Morgan

Merscom LLC

Executive ProducersKirk Owen, Lloyd Melnick
Senior ProducerMatthew Shetler
ProducerHarold Sipe
Lead Game WriterScott Olson
Game WritingScott Olson, Matthew Shetler, Harold Sipe
DesignScott Olson, Matthew Shetler, Harold Sipe
QA ManagerBrandon Tyndall
QA TeamDavid Perry, Cassiana Gudgenov, Lisa Gerard, Catherine Mainland
Localization ManagerDimitri Kirin
Deployment ManagerNick Quante
Special Thanks toJoe Sewell, James Barrell, Joe Halby, Kellie Grandy, Megan Webb, Meg Stivison, Denise Adsett, Amanda Goldman d'Adesky, David Provost, Tonya Minor, Kris Norris, Greg Pool, Brad Moss

Anino Games Inc.

ProducerLorenzo Limon
Lead Software EngineerRalph Rainiel Pineda
Software EngineerRanier Montalbo
Lead 2D ArtistMichael Angelo Lee
Lead TesterJonathan David Abasolo
Playground Game EngineTim Mensch (Lead), David Parks (Mac Lead), Reggie Seagraves, Brad Edelman, Jim Brooks, Daniel Filner
This game was built using thePlayground SDK™, Copyright © 2009 PlayFirst, Inc., All Rights Reserved

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (77759)