Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire Credits


DesignMichael Ely, Gregory Foertsch, Bing Gordon, Douglas Kaufman, Sid Meier, Chris Pine, Timothy Train, Brian Reynolds
Executive ProducerJeffery L. Briggs
ProducerTimothy Train
Lead ProgrammerChris Pine
Additional ProgrammingJeffrey Kennedy Morris, Brian Reynolds
Faction EditorJeffrey Kennedy Morris
System and Interface ProgrammingJason S. Coleman
Sound Engineering and ProgrammingDavid Evans
Art DirectorGregory Foertsch
Graphics ArtistsBrent Alleyne, Jerome J. Atherholt, Michael E. Bazzell, Steve Chao
Voice ActorsJeff Gordon (as Guardian Lular H'Minee and Conqueror Judaa Marr), James Leibman (as Captain Ulrik Svensgaard), Robert Levy (as Narrator), Christine Melton (as Datajack Sinder Roze), Allie Rivenbark (as Prime Function Aki Zeta-5), Frederick Serafin (as Foreman Domai), Stacy Spenser (as Prophet Cha Dawn)
Background MusicJeffery L. Briggs, David Evans
Movie MusicJeffery L. Briggs
Director of MarketingLindsay Riehl
Master of MiscellaneousSusan Meier
WebmasterDan Magaha
InternStephen Lee
Quality Assurance DirectorJeffrey Kennedy Morris
Beta TestersMarty Bishop, John Brown, Michael Buccheri, Ted Dennison, Kevin Devin, Michael Dorn, Neil Fradkin, Lonnie George, Andrew Goldstein, Dick Knisely, Greg Lary, Martin Leuschen, Jennifer MacLean, Biju Mathai, Sam May, Jean McGuire, Vernon Michael, Mark Norton, George Politis, Ronald Powell, Alan Precourt, Marc Reissig, Jason Russ, Thomas Stobie, Peter T. Szymonik, David Train, Jeffrey Vitous, Rita Waller
Documentation LayoutDeborah Maxwell
DocumentationEde Clarke
Movie DirectorMichael Ely
"The Dancing Baby" is used with the permission ofKinetix a division of Autodesk Inc
With Special Thanks ToAnn, Wendy, Jennifer, and all our families
Published ByElectronic Arts

Electronic Arts

EA ProducerHunter Smith
Lead MarketingChristopher Plummer
Product ManagerJonathan Harris
European Product ManagerAudrey Meehan
Media ContactsPatrick Buechner
Lead TesterDavid K. McCormack
TestersEduardo Buenviaje, Eduardo Crick, Teno Cipri, Justin Holst, Mike Hong, Daryl Humdy, Matthew Lewis, Joe Norris, Aussias Salmeron-Viver, John Trest
Quality Assurance DirectorJeffrey Kennedy Morris

Electronic Arts Quality Assurance

LeadJoel Knutson
TeamBenjamin Crick, Shane Ferguson, Jacob Fernandez, Darryl Jenkins, Dave Knudson, Micah Pritchard, Andrew Young, Anthony Alexander

Additional Credits

Design Technology TreeMarco Garcia
Box DesignNancy Waisanen
Lead Localization DepartmentAtsuko Matsumoto
Lead LocalizationJohn Pemberton
Localization TeamBarry Feather, Rick Brown
Project ManagerEmily Bromley
Lead French TranslationJean-Luc Chabrier
French TranslationJean-Claude Ducerf, Nathalie Marlier
French Voice RecordingKnockin' Boots Production
Lead German TranslationChristina Vollmer
German TranslationFrank Dietz, Christoph Niedermair, Susanne van Eyl
German Voice Recordingtoneworx GmbH
Lead Spanish TranslationTeo Alcorta
Spanish Localization ManagerJulio Valladares
Spanish LocalizationJosé Luis Rovira
Italian TranslationC.T.O. S.p.a.

Electronic Arts Europe

Product ManagerAudrey Meehan
UK PRNick Grange, Simi Belo
Localisation Project ManagerSonia Yazmadjian (Sam)
DocumentationOliver Ladenburg, James Lenoël
Pack and Documentation LayoutCreative Services
Translation Co‑ordinationClare Parkes, Rebecca Gordon
Localisation Co-ordination - Export and WebPetrina Wallace, Lucy Hargood
Materials Co‑ordinationJo Ehrenstrasser
Studio OpsSteve Fitton
Customer Quality ControlBen Jackson, Andy Perkins, Simon Romans
Package Design and Documentation (Dutch)Caroline Dartnell
Dutch TranslationU‑TRAX Multi Media Productions
Dutch Manual EditingRalph Jung

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Credits for this game were contributed by vedder (28288), Ray Soderlund (3609), formercontrib (159711) and Xoleras (66885)