Written by  :  B Jones (14)
Written on  :  Oct 03, 2006
Platform  :  Windows

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Jumped the shark

The Good

I liked it because it *was* Civilization. It got a much needed and fairly well done Windoze-GUI. It had lots of add ons.

The Bad

The gameplay wasn't as good as the original. They went nuts and added all these extra types of units. They didn't know when to stop, and it ruined the balance.

The Advisors screen was gaudy. The Elvis in Civ1 was a cool little joke, but the Elvis Impersonator and Hammy Actors in Civ2 were tedious and ruined the immersion. Plus the same "films" are repeated over and over again. They add nothing. When a Toga-wearing American with a thick accent comes out to advise my Chinese emperor, well...

Stuff they could have fixed like micromanaging is still a problem.

Hobson's choice. Civ1 has better gameplay, but a DOS interface with a steep learning curve. Civ2 is easier, but not nowhere as much fun to play.

The Bottom Line

Good to have a Windows update to the original, but Sid got carried away and added too much crap, wrecking the balance.