A funny thing about the document, which no one ever reads, the EULA:

Normally, when you run a setup, you are presented with the EULA and you have to click Yes if you agree and understand it.

But this one here (at least in my version) is just ridiculous. Better read it yourself:

"To display your license agreement, replace the License.txt file currently located in the Language Independent\Operating System Independent folder of the Setup Files pane.

NOTE: The text in your license file should contain hard returns after lines with more than 1,024 characters."

Responding with "Do you understand and agree to the terms of this agreement?" after clicking on Yes.

So, what does this mean? I have to go in that specified folder on my CD (where ever this is - probably inside one of those CAB files), copy the file in another folder (inside the CAB file) and then what? Burn that all from my CD-ROM to a CD-R in order to see the EULA in the setup?

Contributed by Xoleras (66841) on Oct 22, 2005. -- edit trivia