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Sid Meier's Civilization III: Play the World (Windows)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Keep Case - Windows (Germany):


    Civilization III - Play the World ist eine völlig neue Art Civ mit neuen Zivilisationen, anspruchsvollen Szenarios und vielen Mehrspieler-Modi!

    • Erobern Sie die Welt im Mehrspieler-Modus - über Internet, per E-Mail, Hotseat oder LAN in den Modi 'Rundenbasiert', 'Gleichzeitige Züge' und erstmals 'Keine Runden'.
    • Spielen Sie kürzere und gleichzeitig anspruchsvollere Spiele inklusive Vernichtung, Königsmord und Gefangennahme der Prinzessin.
    • Stellen Sie sich den Herausforderungen der acht neuen Zivilisationen mit ihren eigenen Herrschern und Sondereinheiten: Araber, Karthager, Kelten, Koreaner, Mongolen, Ottomanen, Wikinger und Spanier.
    • Verschaffen Sie Ihrem Volk eine solide Basis mit neuen Kartenfunktionen, Wundern und Stadtmodernisierungen wie Internet, Börse, Handelshäfen und noch vielen anderen.
    • Erstellen Sie eigene Szenarios mit dem verbesserten Editor samt neuer Einheiten und Geländefelder...Werden Sie der nächste Sid Meier!

    Civilisation III - Play the World erfordert die Vollversion Civilization III. Civilization III Play The World ist kompatibel mit der englischen und deutschen Vollversion von Civilization III.

    Contributed by jaXen (21280) on Jun 08, 2011. (French):


    Joueurs du Monde affrontez-vous !

    Sid Meier's Civilization III vous invite dans un voyage passionnant à travers le temps, et vous propose de réécrire l'Histoire. Mesurez-vous aux plus grand dirigeant de l'histoire et marquez le Temps de votre empreinte.
    Vous débutez en 4000 av. J.C., à la tête d'une colonie avec pour objectif d'établir votre civilisation, tout en assurant sa pérennité. Vous devrez explorer le monde et déployer votre civilisation à travers les âges .
    Civilization III : Play the World est l'add-on officiel du célèbre jeu de stratégie. Relevez de nouveaux défis en dirigeant huit nouvelles Civilisations et affrontez huit nouveaux leaders inclus dans cet add-on, que beaucoup considère déjà comme le meilleur de tout les temps !
    Riche de ses nouveaux scénarii et modes de jeux multijoueurs, Civilization III : Play The World vous confronte aux meilleurs joueurs du monde de Civilization, et présage d'ores et déjà de luttes sans merci !
    L'Editeur de Scénario vous permettra d'accéder aux scénarii créés par les fans de Civilization III: Play the World, ou de créez le votre ! Vous pourrez jouer indéfiniment avec la référence des jeux de constitution d'empire !


    • Multijoueurs : défiez les meilleurs joueurs du monde de Civilization avec les modes Elimination, Domination, Regicide et King of the Mountain,
    • Modes Multijoueurs : jouables en "Tour par Tour" et pour la première fois dans un jeu de constitution d'empire, en "Temps réel",
    • Huit nouveaux Leaders : Genghis Khan Temujin, King Hannibal, Queen Isabella et King Brennus affronteront vos connaissances diplomatiques et vos techniques de combat.
    • Huit nouvelles Civilisations: représentées à travers 4 ères, chaque civilisation comprend de nouvelles unités pour encore plus d'alternatives stratégiques,
    • Editeur de scénario complet : Créez de nouveaux scénarii pour encore plus de défis et laisser libre cours à votre imagination.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66212) on Sep 30, 2005.

Press Release:


    Date: October 29, 2002

    Sid Meier's Civilization III: Play The World Adds All-New Civilizations And Multiplayer Support To Award-Winning Game

    Infogrames Ships Major Expansion Pack for FIRAXIS Games' Critically-Acclaimed Sid Meier's Civilization III

    BEVERLY, Mass., Oct. 29 -- Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq: IFGM) and FIRAXIS Games today announced the next evolution of the Sid Meier's Civilization® III gaming experience with the shipment of Sid Meier's Civilization® III: Play The World(TM) game expansion pack. This major expansion to the game that won the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences' prestigious Strategy Game of the Year Award includes full multiplayer support, eight additional civilizations, new map features and interface controls, and a new scenario editor that will provide fresh challenges and ways to play for veteran and novice Civilization® game players alike.

    "Adding fun and fast paced multiplayer to Civ III® is a major step for the franchise," said Sid Meier, co-founder of FIRAXIS Games. "Play The World will give our growing fanbase some of the most innovative multiplayer options ever found in a turn-based game, and a chance to test their mettle by competing against or cooperating with the ultimate AI - the intelligent strategies of Civ® players from around the globe."

    Sid Meier's Civilization III: Play The World expansion pack includes three different Internet and LAN multiplayer modes: Turn-based, Simultaneous, and for the first time in a Civilization game, a Turnless Mode. Civilization game fans can now face off in more intense, fast-paced games like Elimination, Regicide and Capture the Flag or play a more traditional Civilization-style game. The expansion also supports "Play by Email" and Hotseat games and includes multiplayer scenario support.

    The Play the World title also expands the Civilization game experience by adding eight new civilizations, each with its own Great Leader and unique unit. It strengthens the game's strategic options with map features like airfields, outposts, and radar towers. The new pack also streamlines gameplay with interface enhancements for tasks like espionage and auto- bombardment. As well, its scenario editor, complete with specialty units and two new terrain sets, empowers players to create scenarios from any time period.

    Sid Meier's Civilization III: Play The World follows last week's release of Infogrames' Sid Meier's Civilization® III: Game of the Year Edition. This new version of the Sid Meier's Civilization III core game includes the "Making of Civilization III" video, a keyboard reference card, and other content designed to give players enhanced Civilization game enjoyment. When the Civilization III game is combined with the Sid Meier's Civilization III: Play The World expansion pack, players get the ultimate Civilization III game experience.

    Sid Meier's Civilization III: Play The World game for Windows PC was developed by FIRAXIS Games, is rated "E" for Everyone and carries an approximate retail price of $29.95. Sid Meier's Civilization III: Game of the Year Edition is rated "E" for Everyone and carries an approximate retail price of $39.95. Additional information on the Sid Meier's Civilization III game and the Play The World expansion may be obtained at

    About Firaxis Games

    FIRAXIS Games, home of legendary designer Sid Meier, creates fun, intelligent computer games that live in the imaginations of people the world over. Headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland, FIRAXIS has created such critically acclaimed games as Sid Meier's Gettysburg!, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire and Sid Meier's Antietam!. The company recently released the highly anticipated Sid Meier's Civilization III (published by Infogrames) and Sid Meier's SimGolf (published by Electronic Arts). For more information on FIRAXIS Games visit

    About Infogrames

    New York-based Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq: IFGM) is one of the largest third-party publishers of interactive entertainment software in the U.S. The Company develops video games for all consoles (Sony Computer Entertainment of America, Nintendo and Microsoft), PCs, and Macintosh systems. Infogrames' catalogue of more than 1,000 titles includes award-winning franchises such as Civilization®, Backyard Sports(TM), Deer Hunter®, Driver(TM), RollerCoaster Tycoon®, and Test Drive®, and key licenses including Warner Bros. The Matrix®, Warner Bros. Looney Tunes(TM), Nickelodeon's Blue's Clues®, Dragon Ball Z®, Unreal®, Mission Impossible®, Terminator®, Harley-Davidson®, Major League Baseball®, and the National Football League®, among many others. The Company's Humongous Entertainment and MacSoft labels are leaders in children's and Macintosh entertainment software, respectively.

    Infogrames, Inc. is a majority-owned subsidiary of France-based Infogrames Entertainment SA (IESA) (Euronext 5257), a global publisher and distributor of video games for all platforms. In 2001, IESA acquired Infogrames Interactive, Inc. (formerly Hasbro Interactive), including rights to use its line of software based on well-known licenses such as MONOPOLY, Jeopardy®, TONKA, and Atari®, which are published and distributed in the U.S. by Infogrames, Inc. For more information, visit the Company's Web site at

    Contributed by Xoleras (66212) on Aug 19, 2005. (German) - Windows:
    Benötigt die Vollversion von Civilization 3.

    Sid Meier's Civilization III ist eine aufregende Reise durch die Zeit. Schreiben Sie die Weltgeschichte neu und messen Sie sich mit den größten Staatsoberhäuptern der Welt. Beginnen Sie im Jahre 4 000 v. Chr. Ihre Karriere als Herrscher von Weltformat und senden Sie Ihren Siedler aus, um eine Zivilisation zu errichten, die die Jahrhunderte überdauern wird. Erkunden Sie die Welt, erweitern Sie Ihre Zivilisation durch die Gründung neuer Städte, bauen Sie ein funktionierendes Handelsnetz auf, fördern Sie die wissenschaftliche Forschung, um neue Technologien zu entdecken, und entwickeln Sie Ihre eigene Kultur. Beweisen Sie Ihr diplomatisches Geschick, wenn es darum geht, Friedensverträge, Handelsembargos und militärische Bündnisse mit anderen Staatsoberhäuptern auszuhandeln. Und wenn Worte nicht mehr weiterhelfen: Stellen Sie Militärtruppen zusammen und führen Sie sie erfolgreich in die Schlacht!

  • Acht neue Führer: Genghis Khan Temujin, König Hannibal, Queen Isabella und
  • King Brennus werden Ihre diplomatischen und kämpferischen Fähigkeiten
  • herausfordern
  • Acht neue Zivilisationen: Jede Zivilisation besitzt neue Einheiten. Daurch erhält das
  • Spiel mehr strategische Tiefe.
  • Ausgebauter Editor: Entwickeln Sie Szenarios aus jeder Zeitperiode, auch
  • Szenarios, die nicht auf der Erde spielen.
  • Acht neue Einheiten bereichern das Spiel durch erweiterte strategische Optionen
  • Neues Interface mit zusätzlichen Taktiken
  • Multiplayer: Treten Sie gegen die besten Civilization-Spieler weltweit an mit den
  • Multiplayer-Modi Elimination, Domination, Regicide und King of the Mountain
  • Multiplayer-Modi: beeinhaltet rundenbasierte und simultane Spieltypen und zum
  • ersten Mal in einem Civilization Game: ein rundenloser Modus.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66212) on Sep 27, 2004.

Atari Australia website - Windows:
    How do you improve on the Greatest Game of All-Time?

    You start by giving your fans the chance to Play the World, and experience exciting new opportunities and challenges.

  • 8 new Great Leaders: Include Genghis Khan Temujin, King Hannibal, Queen Isabella and King Brennus to challenge your diplomatic and combat skills.
  • 8 new Civilizations: Each Civilization features new cities, leaders, unique strengths and weaknesses and powerful units for even more strategic depth.
  • New map improvements: Extend your war making capabilities with outposts, radar towers and airfields
  • New Map Tiles: Customize your Civ map with stunning art from the ice age and European tile sets.
  • Multiplayer modes: Face off against the best Civilization® players worldwide with multiplayer short game modes like Elimination, Capture the Flag and Regicide. providing players with new pathways to victory
  • Multiplayer Game Types: Includes Turn-Based and Simultaneous game types. Plus, for the first time in a Civilization® game, a more fast-paced Turn-less game type!
  • Complete Scenario Support: Create scenarios from any time period, including those outside earth's history.
  • Best of the Net Scenario Set – Includes over ? scenarios created from fans around the world.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66212) on May 17, 2004.

Inner Flaps:

    Capture Madrid.
    Conquer Genghis Khan.
    Invent the Internet.

    Not bad for a lunch hour.

    The expansion pack to the award-winning best seller!

    Here's what people are saying about Civilization III:

    Time Magazine: Critics Pick

    IDSA: Strategy Game of the Year

    Computer Games Magazine: Game of the Year

    PC Gamer: Single-Player Strategy Game of the Year

    Next Generation: 5/5 Stars

    Computer Gaming World: Editor's Choice

    Negotiate, challenge and conquer 8 more Civilizations and famous Leaders.

    Improve your armies with an array of forces and unique units.

    Play a variety of multiplayer games with opponents from around the world.

    Create your own dream scenarios... from any time period!

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69754) on Dec 28, 2002.

Back of Box:

    Play Civ like never before!

    Take on the incredibly addictive expansion to the greatest strategy game of all time! Compete with players around the world as you build the ultimate empire. With exciting elements for added depth and enriched gameplay, Civilization III: Play the World will keep you playing well into the next millennium!

  • Play any way you want - via the Internet, by email, hot seat, or LAN in turn-based, simultaneous , or even "turnless" games.
  • Battle in shorter, more intense games, including Elimination, Regicide, and Capture the Flag.
  • Confront fresh challenges from 8 more Civilizations, each with their own Leaders and unique units.
  • Strengthen your empire with more map features, wonders and city improvements.
  • Construct your own scenarios with an enhanced editor that includes extra units and tile sets.
    ...Become the next Sid Meier!

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69754) on Dec 28, 2002.

Infogrames Web Site:
    Sid Meier improves on Greatness with the follow-up to the Game of the Year!

    Rise to meet new challenges as you battle eight new Civilizations and Leaders in the exciting follow-up to the game that many consider the greatest of all time! With exciting new single player and multiplayer features and scenarios, Civilization III: Play the World pits you against the best Civilization players from all corners of the earth. With new online modes of play, the battle for the ultimate in bragging rights will be intense!

    Also included is a powerful Scenario Editor, giving you access to scenarios created by the thousands of members of the Civilization III: Play the World community. Play scenarios created by others, or build your own — replayability is now truly limitless with this new benchmark in strategy gaming!

    Game Features:
  • 8 new Leaders: Include Genghis Khan Temujin, King Hannibal, Queen Isabella and King Brennus to challenge your diplomatic and combat skills.
  • 8 new Civilizations: Represented in four eras, each Civilization features new units for even more strategic depth.
  • Multiplayer modes: Face off against the best Civilization players worldwide with multiplayer modes like Elimination, Domination, Regicide and King of the Mountain
  • Multiplayer Game Types: Includes Turn-Based and Simultaneous game types. Plus, for the first time in a Civilization game, a Turnless game type!
  • Complete Scenario Support: Create scenarios from any time period, including those outside earth's history.

    Contributed by Jeanne (75603) on Nov 13, 2002.