Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Leaving Europe behind (the hatched blue square on the right edge of the map)
The in-game clock (6:29 AM) should have reminded me to stop playing
Exploring near the South Pole
Quebec will be choked to death by the British cultural borders
With a privateer I can attack ships with no diplomatic consequences
Horsey gets fourth promotion
The defending soldier has a general attached
The king asks for progressively more expensive favours
Choosing your character.
Everything in game is explained in detail in the Civilopedia - with historical background information.
The Civilopedia-entry about Chief Powhatan.
Details about your mission.
Greeted by a native chieftain.
The home port in the old world.
The topdown-view gives a quick overview.
Sailing by a native village.
Converted a native to my side.
The military advisor - sadly I don't have any military units.
A quick overview over the player's relationship with other nations.
The town screen - same ol', same ol'
The timeline showing at which point one of the founding fathers will offer his assistance
Watch how the last game played out.
The world builder or cheat modus.
Destroying a pirate ship.
Attacking a native village.