Sid Meier's Civilization V Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Starting a new game as Genghis Khan.
Taking a look at the tech tree.
The advisors menu
This Frigate has earned enough XP for a promotion.
Negotiating with Catherine of Russia.
Spend your culture points to unlock social policies.
The city screen
City-states are a new feature to the Civilization series.
You can toggle between a strategic and a normal game view.
Introduction of the chosen civilization before the game start
Exploring territory before founding the second city
Rating of the military power
Cultural civilizations can expand their borders widely without building many cities
Choosing production in city
Diplomacy in Civilization 5 gets more options
War against Greece in later stage of the game
XX century infantry facing catapults. Good old Civilization
Barbarian galleys are attacking
Cultural victory is achieved
Barbarian camp
Romans are good in building huge empires so i'm going to make one more city
Cities by themselves can are military units with own strength, health and shooting range
City-state sometimes give you missions
Great Wall covers all the territory but looks something like this
Oh no! Barbarians are approaching the capital! Where are my units?
The Notre Dame Cathedral is one of 28 Wonders in Civilization V.
There are three options what to do with a conquered city.
Constructing a farm to speed up city growth.
Discovering a natural wonder increases happiness in the empire.
Attack is not a good idea...
You can buy plots of land for faster border expansion.
That's what I like about Civ: Camel Archers are bombarding a submarine.
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