Written by  :  Kartanym (12825)
Written on  :  Feb 10, 2002
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The Sims meet Tiger Woods

The Good

Golf is an interesting game. Then again, so is the Sims. So mix the two together and you have on strange game indeed. I liked the idea of building your own golf course and then watching players and fans turn out to play on it. I came up with some funny looking courses, and I always found myself laughing as the Sims made a mockery of themselves while playing on it. And the addition of the managerial side of things brings me back to the days of Sim City, although not in such great a detail.

The Bad

I suppose the same thing that hurts Sim City and The Sims can be said here. Once you play it, you may not want to play it again.

The Bottom Line

Credit to Sid Meier for trying something different in the Sims world. Personally, I would have preferred something in the Mini Golf world. Watching the Sims go around a carnival like atmosphere, much like the Theme Park series, is much more fun then watching them play serious golf (or at least try to play serious golf). It isn't the best Sim game ever made, but its worth trying for a while at least.